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Urgent solidarity with Noelia Cotelo (Spain)


Her aim: to go out of Brieva’s jail and to return to her land, near her family (Galicia).


Noelia is 25 years old, she entered the jail with a sentence of one year and a half. Today, January 2013, she is marking her fifth year in prison, and many more could come. During these 5 years she has born all kinds of pressures and ill-treatments, the institutions have made life almost impossible for her and her family.
January 8, she decided to begin an Indefinite Hunger strike with the support of her friends, relatives and imprisoned companions in struggle.

The life of Noelia is in serious danger, the authorities of the jail of Brieva refuse to provide her with medical attention. We would like to ask you to read and inform yourselves about her case, and to provide us with your signature, so we can fight for Noelia and similar cases of imprisoned persons who suffer similar realities. We have to finish with the impunity, the law of the silence, the ill-treatment and the tortures.

A problem with a civil servant in Teixerio’s jail (A Coruña Prison) has kept her in the regime of isolation since 2007; 22hrs a day in a cell without any type of activity nor care. On October 23 2012, when she had talked one minute over the five minutes allowed on a telephone conversation with her mother, then a civil servant shouted on her – damned bitch hang up the phone- In the conversation she was denouncing her bad living conditions to her mother, the civil servant broke her wrist while she wrestled with her to hang up the phone. She was placed in a cell handcuffed to the bed, denied medical assistance and drugged by force, a sad custom each time more common. She woke up with the hands of the prison guard Jesus on her chest, she was handcuffed to the bed. Noelia denounced this abuse and mistreatment. The guard counterclaimed saying that it was her who called and tried to attack him. The court has estimated his allegation and Noelia has spent 28 days in Isolation.

In the latter weeks they have continued with the obsession of making her life impossible. At the end of December a riot took place in the jail with the results of six prisoners being beaten. After this, the court time has been reduced from 3 hours per day to a merely 2 hour, even half an hour on occasions.
In reprisal to her attitude they deny her the medical assistance and the right to education. At this time she is suffering from a strong ear infection that has spread to the mouth. Her requests for a doctor to visit have been roughly answered, -you do not need any doctor because you are going to die here- she was told. The solution provided to heal her ear infection has been to move her to cell with a broken window, with no blankets nor clothes nor coat. It is necessary to say that the jail of Brieva does not have a heating system and temperatures do not go over 10ºC.

Her requirements and also ours are:

* Stop all the ill-treatment, the tortures, the degrading treatments, the beatings, the offensive words in all the prisons.

*Enough of the complicity of doctors and judges.

*That never again takes place an episode of macho violence, never again any vexation or sexual assault. No male jailers in the modules and women’s jails.

*That the families are rejoined, that no law or punishment could separate them. No to the dispersion of the imprisoned persons. Each one in their locality. No to the constant prison transfers.

*That all the imprisoned persons are treated with dignity, that medical attention is supplied by medical personnel. That health, something not so universal, comes to them. No more DEATH in the prisons. No more sanitary inattention.

*No more lies, to re-insert is not to isolate, the persons we do not need that they re-insert us in any place, we need respect. The hatred and the violence just will generate more hatred and violence.

*That the transparency, so mentioned, comes to Penitentiary Institutions and to everything related. No more impunity. No more state concealed murders.

*That all this farce is finished. That the poverty is not punished with the prison; that prison does not live of the poor persons. That mercantilist system finishes. We are persons, not coins.


More information :

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This entry was posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 1:16 am and is filed under Prison Struggle.