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All PDFs are provided for free, please download and distribute, make copies, produce your own zines or simply enjoy the electronic versions.

This is an incomplete list of our own publications plus those of many others which we found interesting enough to host. If you produce a publication that you think we might be interested in, get in touch via our contact form or, alternatively e-mail us at mail-325 [at]riseup [dot] net.

You can find many more anarchist, anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian texts and PDFs at the huge websites of the Anarchist Library and Quiver Distro. Also, don’t forget to check out the Library section.

Please follow the links to find older issues of certain zines.


325 #11

325 issue#11 / June 2014

325 #11 features articles like : 3 texts about Flooding, Nuclear-Energy and Urban War- “Climate change, nuclear-energy and urban war in the new century”, “Road Ahead Closed” and “Electricity grid at risk as floods increase” by ‘Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis, – N.T.’, “2 poems by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco (1882-1949)”, “Industrial Alienation”- the social impact of industrialisation (from Terra Selvagia), “Anarchist comrades contributions to the IX Meeting for Animal Liberation in Italy, 2013″, “Memories from the Future: The Coming Technological Singularity”, about the visions of techno-futurist Ray Kurzweil, “Information… and Slavery”, “Necrotechnologies & Synthetic Biology”, “War to the machines! by Gianluca Iacovacci”, “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Human Behaviour”, “The Daleks are Coming!” about the advent of semi-autonomous security bots, “Empty House and Crowded Forest & Some Thoughts on FAI/IRF by Eat”, “Escape into Sanity: The Fall by V.Q”, direct action chronology and much much more…


325 #10

325 issue#10 / Nov 2012

325 #10 features articles like : “One Year After… (August 2011)”- concerning the UK riots, “On talking less”- concerning the relationship between words and actions, “War against the information-age : a future of mass social control” about the state project to harness technology as a social pacification tool, “Perspectives about the energetic collapse of the techno-industrial society”, “Bio-economy, a way out of the crisis”- from Terra Selvaggia, “Class modifications”, “Excluded and Included”- what is the difference?, “Science in the aid of control : Robotics and aerial drones”- the rise of the drones and their military connotations, “Earthquake in Emilia Romagna : drones, surveillance and social control”, “Radioactive spills and nuclear crisis”, “On Sabotage and Terrorism”- concerning the spurious definition of ‘terrorism, “Fragment: Illegality”, FAI-FRI/CCF- “Lone wolves are not alone”, plus the ubiquitous direct action chronology and much much more…


325 #9

325 issue#9 / Oct 2011

325 #9 features articles like : “For Riotous Assemblies not Reasonable Dissent”, “Letter from Anarchist/Antifascist Prisoner Thomas Blak”, “The Struggle Against the Existent Continues”, “To address moral elitism within the anarchist milieu in response to the rioters of August 6th onwards…”, “Incitement to Burn”, “Beyond the ‘Movement’ – Anarchy!”, “Against the British ‘anti-capitalist movement’: Brief notes on their ongoing failure”, “‘Rain & Fire’ by a UK sector of FAI”, “A few notes on recent repressive attacks against anarchists in Italy”, “To believe, to obey and to work”, “‘Direct Action’ by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco”, “About the case of Silvia, Costas & Billy”, “About Solidarity”, “About the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” case”, “P.Argyrou – Statement to the Court”, “Cells of Fire are Our Souls”, “Political Statement of P.Masouras”, “‘DO NOT SAY THAT WE ARE FEW’ by FAI”, “Mass sabotage in Berlin”, “Sketches of the last few years anti-militarist praxis in Germany”, “‘There is nothing to reform’ by Gabriel Pombo da Silva”, “Liebig 14 Evicted”, “Solidarity with Chilean Struggle”, “‘With the Rebels…’ by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco”, “Tortuga Presente! Active Solidarity with Luciano!”, “News from the Social War in Sulawesi and Java – Indonesia”, and much much more…


325 issue#8 / Sept 2010

325 #8 features articles like : “For Mass Struggle & Subversion”, “Who are we talking to”, “What are Anarchists?”, “Revenge for Carlo Guiliani”, ” Revolutionary Solidarity”, “Notes from the gathering against prison society”, “Fire on the Breeze: Letters & Communiques from Greece”, “Letter from Revolutionary Struggle 3″, “The Only Answer to Modern Totalitarianism is Social Revolution”, “Letter from Sarantos Nikitopoulos”, “‘Claim of Responsibility’ by Sect of Revolutionaries”, “Declarations”, Interview with Jean Weir”, “Letter from Gabriel Pombo da Silva”, “International Resistance News”, plus more. Cutting edge international anarchist theory and action.


325 #7

325 issue#7 / Oct 2009

325 #7 features “International Resistance News”, “Conversation on Affinity Groups, Intermediate Struggle and Insurrection”, “Texts from the Greek Insurrection”, “Why a Vanguard? The Organisational Question”, “Insurrectionalist Anarchism – Informal Organisation”, “Letter from Francesco Gioia”, “Germany 2009 – An Overview”, “Agitations in Italian Prison”, “Attack the Arms Factories – Solidarity with the EDO defendants”, “About the Prison Revolt in Caxias, Portugal”, “Letter from Vigo”, “A Tale of Sand, & Those Who Feed From It”, “Black Bloc Communique, Strasborg anti-Nato”, “In Gaza Like Everywhere”, “Secrets & Lies”, “Repression & Reports” + an extensive section about the anarchist resistance in Chile, an exclusive excerpt from the new Elephant Editions book, “Adios Prison” by Juan Jose Garfia (as spoken by Xose Tarrio) and much, much more.

Buy paper copy of #7 via Black Powder Press (USA)


325 #6

325 issue#6 / Jan 2009

Articles include: ‘International Resistance News’, ‘From Autonomous Space to Liberated Space- some points for discussion and debate’, ‘Thoughts on our meetings together’- Reflections on the Interspace Meeting- May 24-26, 2008, Kesselberg, Berlin, “Brief Report from Action days for Autonomous Space, Berlin, Germany- May 27-June 1 2008, “The anarchist movement and the problem of secrecy’, ‘Berlin : In Chaos (Autonomous Days of Action 2008)’, ‘Notes from International Anti-Prison Gathering, Germany’- 26-28 September 2008, ‘The Situation of Freddy, Marcelo and Andrea’, ‘The European Silicon Valley’, ‘An overview of the hunger strike in the German prisons’, ‘Is the illegalist anarchist our comrade? by Emile Armand’, “Communique from the Barricades” – from comrades in Chile, ‘Letter from Fenix Delgado’, ‘In the Shadow of the G8: Repression and Revolt in Japan’, ‘Repression & Reports’, ‘Notes on Ketamine’, “Let’s Block Everything” + much more.

Buy paper copy of #6 via Black Powder Press (USA)


325 #5

325 issue#5 / Feb 2008

325 #5 features: “The Bombs (1915) from ‘Carteles I’ (a series of anarchist texts circulating in the Spanish prison system)”, “Report from the Autonomous Space Gathering, Dijon, France”, “Towards a Warm 2008 (on the fight for autonomous spaces in Berlin)”, “Anti-G8 2007: Report and Analysis (including first hand accounts and chronology of all known actions)”, “Letter from Gabriel Pombo da Silva (escapee from the notorious FIES prison system in Spain – now in German prison)”, “Prison Revolt in Belgium”, “Against the Leaders (from ‘Carteles I’)”, “Running Away From the Prison Society (from ‘Incognito’ a booklet written by people living on the run)”, “Perspective from a ‘Black Bloc’ participant in the riot against ‘Atlantica’ (neo-liberal conference in Halifax, Canada in June 2007)”, “Anti-Colonial struggle in Kanada (Brief history of resistance, actions against the Winter Olympics in 2010, information on John Graham’s framed murder trial)”, “Stunning like Marassi in Flames (text describing the liberation of Newgate prison in London during the Gordon riots of 1780 – taken from a film called ‘Detour’ about the G8 in Genoa 2001 regarding the attempted liberation of Marassi prison)”, plus much more.

Buy paper copy of #5 via Black Powder Press (USA)


325 #4

325 issue#4 / April 2007

325 #4 features an extensive direct action chronology and global repression reports.
It includes articles such as “Why Anti-Prison” – a primer; a feature on Japan, including – “Interview with Rebel Jill, Anarchist from Osaka” and “Report from Nagai Park eviction, Osaka”, also inside are “Letter to the comrades of the F.A.I, from Gabriel Pombo da Silva”, “Letter from Giannis Dimitrakis, in Koridallos prison, Greece” – anarchist bankrobber speaks out, “From Dendermonde to Teixeiro” by Gabriel Pombo da Silva, “Prison Society, Reformism, and Insurrection” – radical analysis, “Letter from Silvia Guerin, of ‘IL Silvestre’, Italy” – then imprisoned for eco-actions, “Discussing the Prison Struggle”, “Interview with
Patricio Pallarès Bayona”, “Robert Anton Wilson is Dead” … And more!

Buy paper copy of #4 via Black Powder Press (USA)


325 #3

325 issue#3 / June 2006

325 #3 features: “Prisoners of Power” by
Laudelino Iglesias Martinez”; Interview with Jean-Marc Rouillian”- French prisoner serving time for actions with the militant group, ‘Action Directe’; “Breaking out of the Ghetto: Lessons from the CPE struggle”, a report about the French labour struggle from an insurrectionary participant; “French Student Manifesto”; “Czechtek 2005″; “Cashless Societies and Consumer Surveillance”; “Short notes from an
Anti-Prisons gathering; “Welcome to the Machine”; “To the Forced Laborers, Irregulars and Deserters of the Western Front”; “Kamikaze Dreams: Black Bloc in Sterling 200″; “Interview with Laudelino Iglesias Martinez: 25 years of prison and his life in F.I.E.S.”, about the struggle against the Spanish isolation units; And much more..

Buy paper copy of #3 via Black Powder Press (USA)


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Dark Nights – Anarchist & Anti-Prison Newsletter

See latest issues of Dark Nights recently released here on a dedicated page…

Dark Nights #25 : The Bosses Grand Idea – July 2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights #24 : ‘Some Notes on Anarchism and The Proletarian Myth’ + ‘The Nihilist Abyss’ – July 2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights #23 : Chaos just around the corner – July 2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights #22 : International repressive Operation ‘Ardire’ launched against anarchists – June 2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights #21 : Reports from the trial of anarchist armed group ‘Revolutionary Struggle’ – June 2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights #20 : Scandalous thoughts – a few notes on civil anarchism – May 2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights #19 : Against the Corporations of Death – May 2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights #18 : Wrath knows no borders – Solidarity with the Hungerstrikers in Greece – May 2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights #17 : A World on Fire (ACN)

Dark Nights #16 : Insurrection … Is the Mother of Revolution (ACN)

Dark Nights #15 : Bad Passions & More (ACN)

Dark Nights #14 : Letter from Luciano Tortuga + Anti-Prison NYE round-up (ACN) + January 2012 Supplement

Dark Nights #13 : NYE 2011-2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights #12 : European Social Struggle – May Supplement (ACN)

Dark Nights #11 : Anti-System Conflict in the United Kingdom (ACN)

Dark Nights #10 : Letters from imprisoned anarchists in Greece (ACN)

Dark Nights #9 (ACN)

Dark Nights #8 (ACN)

Dark Nights #7 (ACN)

Dark Nights #6 (ACN)

Dark Nights #5 (ACN)

Dark Nights #4 (ACN)



What Are Anarchists? by Alfredo M. Bonanno (ACN)

Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism (ACN) [imposed version/US format]

Escalation #1 – Texts about the Informal Anarchist Federation and the Insurrectional Project (ACN)

Japanese language section

アナキストって何? {What Are Anarchists? by Alfredo M. Bonanno, Japanese version} (ACN)

蜂起的アナキズムについてノート {Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism by Killing King Abacus, Japanese version} (SE)

原始主義入門 ジョン・モア著 {Anti-Civilization Primer by John Moore, Japanese version} (ACN)


Featured Publications : Elephant Editions

Albania : Laboratory of Subversion (Elephant Editions)

Angry Brigade 1967-1984 : Documents & Chronology (Elephant Editions)

Anarchism and the National Liberation Struggle by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

Armed Joy by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

Armed Struggle in Italy / Revised 2009 (Elephant Editions)

At Daggers Drawn; with the existent, its defenders and its false critics (Elephant Editions)

From Riot to Insurrection : Analysis for an anarchist perspective against post-industrial capitalism by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

From the Centre to the Periphery by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

Insurrectionalist Anarchism {Part one} by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

Locked Up by Alfredo M.Bonanno (Elephant Editions) + Cover

Nights of Rage (Elephant Editions) + Cover

Solidarity with anarchist comrades imprisoned in Greece (Elephant Editions)

The Anarchist Tension by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

The Insurrectional Project by Alfredo M.Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

Toward the Creative Nothing – Renzo Novatore (Elephant Editions)

Why A Vanguard? by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

Workers Autonomy by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

Let’s Destroy Work, Let’s Destroy the Economy by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

Fictional Movement or Real Movement? by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions) + Cover

Fra Contadini by Errico Malatesta (Elephant Editions)

Errico Malatesta and Revolutionary Violence by Alfredo M. Bonanno (Elephant Editions) + Cover

The Russian Revolution in the Ukraine by Nestor Makhno (Elephant Editions)


‘Insurrection’ is an anarchist magazine of the 1980′s which was edited by Jean Weir of Elephant Editions, UK. Amongst agitational news reports of rebellion and repression, the publication carried some of the first English language translations of the work of Italian anarchist insurrectionist, Alfredo M. Bonanno, and remains an example of a high-quality revolutionary anarchist publication which has a confrontational analysis coupled with lasting insight.

Insurrection is the first publication to carry the key basic perspectives of anarchist insurrectional theory and methodology emerging at that time. Texts such as ‘Affinity Group’, ‘Why Insurrection’, ‘Beyond Workerism, Beyond Syndicalism’, ‘Informal Organisation’, ‘Beyond the Structure of Synthesis’, ‘Towards A New Projectuality’ and ‘Autonomous Base Nucleus’, all back to back with action reports informing and illuminating these theoretical ideas which have developed and spread around the world, becoming ‘dangerous’ tools in the hands of uncontrollables everywhere. Click the link to download and read the magazines in PDF format : ‘Insurrection’ PDFs online now (Elephant Editions Classics)


Assorted Radical PDFs

Wilhelm Reich – The Mass Psychology Of Fascism

After Trikala : About the arrests of Alfredo & Christos

A Day Mournful and Overcast… by an “uncontrollable” from the Iron Column

Anarchist Black Cross Information & Resources – 2002 Edition

Icaro #1 (Insurrection in Chile, Spanish language)

Black Rim #1 (Insurgent zine from Asian Pacific Rim)

Terra Incognita (Balkan insurrectionist zine)

Anti-2010 Olympics (Kanadian zine)

Anarchist Resistance & Indigenous Struggle Against the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada

Anti-Olympics Report 2010 (Kanada)

ACAB – {Kanadian anti-prison zine} (Guelph ABC)

Writing to Prisoners (Guide from ABC Leeds)

Tear Down The Walls! – John Bowden (Leeds ABC)

A Tensao Anarquista (Portuguese language)

Against Prisons by Catherine Baker

Against Domestication by Jacques Cammatte (Repressed)

Amor Fati #3 – Indonesian Zine of Insurrectional Ideas, Communication and Action (Indonesian language)

Amor Fati #2

Amor Fati #1

Anarchism: from theory to practice by Daniel Guerin

Errico Malatesta – His Life and Ideas

Anarchism and Anarchy by Errico Malatesta

Anarchism and Violence by Errico Malatesta

Anarchist Economics: the Spanish Collectives of 1936-39 by Abraham Guillen

An Anarchist Programme & Anarchist Propaganda by Errico Malatesta

The Vancouver 5: Armed Struggle in Canada

Auto-organizacao autonoma e intervencao anarquista: uma tensao na pratica (Portuguese language)

Basic Bakunin – Anarchist Federation

Beyond Amnesty – Excellent Anti-Psychiatry zine with a personal edge

Practical Handbook for Border Guards (EU)

The Shape of Things to Come by Tony Bunyan (EU PoliceState and related)

Why do we hate the Olympics?

Deviance and Punishment in Anarchist Society

Essentialism and the Problem of Identity Politics

Europol report into terrorist activity 2008. (Includes a section on Anarchists)

How to (make a paintbomb, disrupt a railway, break a door) print version

Fire to the Powder Keg: war and social guerilla struggle in Iraq (Eberhardt Press)

While misery exists we choose rebellion: the case of Freddy and Marcelo (South America)

Free Thomas Meyer-Falk!

Revolutionary Solidarity by Pierleone Porcu, Daniela Carmignani, Wolfi Landstreicher, Killing King Abacus (Quiver)

About some investigations for “terrorist association” in Germany…

Until We Are All Free by Gabriel Pombo da Silva (Euro format)

Until We Are All Free by Gabriel Pombo da Silva (US Reformat by Quiver)

Locked Up by Alfredo M. Bonanno (US Reformat by Quiver)

Toward the Destruction of Schooling by Jan D. Matthews (Quiver)

L’ Infant Terrible – The Hunt of the Child – About drastic steps to shut down the youth revolt in France

Presos em Luta – About the Mutiny of Caixias Prison, Portugal

Anarchist Communism : Basis and principles by Peter Kropotkin

Why the police riot? Exposing the ACPO Public Order Manual (UK police paramilitarisation and class struggle)

On Sabotage As One Of The Fine Arts (Venomous Butterfly)

Fullness of Struggle without adjectives {critique of armed struggle in Italy} (Venomous Butterfly)

From Politics to Life: ridding Anarchy of the leftist milestone by Wolfi Landstreicher (Venomous Butterfly)

Fawda – On the Struggle in Palestine (Venomous Butterfly)

Consuming Fire by Wolfi Landstreicher (Venomous Butterfly)

Caught in the Web of Deception: Anarchists and the Media (Venomous Butterfly)

Autonomous Self-Organisation and Anarchist Intervention by Wolfi Landstreicher (Venomous Butterfly)

Against the Engineering of Life (Venomous Butterfly)

Killing King Abacus #1 – Santa Cruz, USA. Insurrectional zine from the early 2000s

Killing King Abacus #2

Print these posters out or make your own, photocopy expand them to A3 or bigger, then spread them all over your area. Here’s an irreverant guide to how, from 5 Aces kru, Finsbury Park, London, 2003.

Mutual Aid & Co-Operation (Poster)

Solidarity with European Anarchist Prisoners (Poster)

No More Prisons & Police – Against Surveillance Society (Poster)

Liberate Anarchist Prisoners (Poster)

Liberty or Tyranny – Resist Capitalism (Poster)

Libertad o Tirania? – Caña al Capitali$mo (Poster- Spanish version)

No Oil Wars – No Capitalist Empire (Poster)

No Queremos Guerras de Petroleo – No Queremos Imperios Capitalista$ (Poster- Spanish version)

Capitalism is Terror – No PoliceState EU (Poster)

Destroy All Judge – Destroy All Politician (Poster)

Against the Violence of Capital – Our Struggle is One (Poster)

Contra los Violentos del Capital (Poster- Spanish version)

Against Society & Culture – Burn the Supermarkets (Poster)

The Unbelievable Tautology of Cultural Entropy by Hugo Loco AKA Orwell Selavy AKA R. Zen Izgrate (Poster)

3 Years of Mutinies in Belgium Jails (Poster)

Check out the Flyposter tag.