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Joint declaration of subversive and revolutionary prisoners in support of comrade Luciano ‘Tortuga’ (Chile)

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

From liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:

This text was written before Luciano entered the health area of the Santiago 1 prison. Its delay in publication is due to the involvement of the different comrades imprisoned under the $hilean state, held in different prisons, so the dissemination and editing of this was made very difficult.

Joint declaration of subversive and revolutionary prisoners in support of the comrade Luciano Pitronello.

To the broad and widespread revolutionary/subversive spectrum:

We combatants of freedom have from within different centers of extermination united our words in order to make from them a strong gesture that passes through the isolation with which Power intends to silence us, so that our united gestures arrive at those comrades who do not take a step back before the enemy. This initiative aims to break the logics with which democracy sustains itself, those who with their moral citizenship seek to isolate the comrades in order to relegate them to forgottenness, but they do not frighten us and we raise our voice to send our strength and care to the comrade Luciano Pitronello, who after the events of the early hours of June 1st has been seriously injured. (more…)

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