325 #12 – ‘Against the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions’ (ACN)

December 3rd, 2020

EN | PDF: 325 #12 – ‘Against the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions’

ES | PDF: 325 #12 – ‘Contra la Cuarta y Quinta Revolución Industrial’

Presenting 56 pages of anti-organisational, insurrectional, anti-civilisation anarchy of the 21st Century. A collection of critical texts and letters from anarchist points of view examining the new changes in production and social control brought about by new technologies which are ushering in a totalising prison-world and the advance of smarter-than-human machines. This issue of 325 builds on the considerations and content of the last issue which took as it’s focus the subject of the Technological Singularity. Six years later, the mechanisms, ideologies and impacts of this global dystopian project are nearer and clearer and the texts you will read in this new issue deal with the emerging realities of these technological revolutions.

For the first time, 325 is coming out in 3 languages: First in English, with Spanish and Italian to follow. Printed copies are available, but we also encourage people to print out their own copies and distribute them in their area.

CONTENTS : 325#12
3. Editorial
4. Automation, Robotics & Labour in the 4th & 5th Industrial Revolutions
8. From Riot to Insurrection – Excerpt
9. A Small Criticism of Science and its World
10. Covid-19 World: Epidemics in the era of Capitalism
12. The Fractures of Dominion
13. Coordinated Incendiary Attacks Against Relay Antennas in Grenoble, France
14. The 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions
17. The Artificial Reproduction of the Human: The Road of Transhumanism
23. Machine Psychology: A Disappearing Act
25. Oblique Look
28. Smartphones, Ringtones, Capital
29. Cashless Societies and Crypto-Currencies: End of the Traditional Era of Banking and Finance
32. Contribution to the 1st International Meeting Against Techno-Sciences by imprisoned anarchist Dino Giagtzoglou
38. Cybernetic Society and its World
48. Against Starlink
50. Space : Part 1
51. To Be Released
53. Direct Action Chronology


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Bristol: Banner for Revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas (UK)

March 3rd, 2021

“You can kill the revolutionary, but you can’t kill the revolution”
– Fred Hampton

Today (27th Feb) we hung a banner overlooking the M32 motorway in the St. Pauls area of Bristol. It is a minimal action of solidarity for Greek revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas, unrepentant former member of revolutionary organisation 17 November, who has spent 18 years in the hell holes of the Greek prison system. He has been on hunger strike for 51 days now, since 8th January and escalated to a thirst strike 5 days ago.

He is fighting against the vindictive move by the Greek state who moved him to the high security prison of Domokos, when he should have been moved to Korydallos prison in Athens.

We see along with our comrades in Greece a vengeful junta-esque regime of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Bakoyannis family and Nea Demokratia (New Democracy) mafia who wants to not only kill a revolutionary they have history with, but also to destroy all opposition to their new regime. One only has to remember the killing of Bobby Sands, along with other
IRA prisoners 40 years ago, to compare Mitsotakis to that bitch Margaret Thatcher.

We will not let the revolutionary fire or our memory be extinguished,
neither at home or internationally. This is only the beginning, to smash
the fear, apathy and social peace on this island of privilege.

Some anarchists who know how to act!

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Spain: 9 nights of riots in Barcelona after arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél

March 3rd, 2021

28 Feb.2021
Until now 9 nights continued riots in the city of Barcelona after the detention and imprisonment of the communist rapper Pablo Hasél, who has a charge of 9 month of prison for the political letters of his songs. Pablo got arrested last Monday 15th February when he were barricaded with 50 solidarious comrades in the University of Lleida (Lerida, 150km from Barcelona).

Also in other spanish cities like Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Vigo etc. were some riots and demonstrations against the detention of Pablo Hasél, but Barcelona fights hard this time. Until now there are arround 85 comrades detained by the cops only in Barcelona. Barricades and fire everywhere!

Also in the big shopping-mile Passeig de Gracia last Saturday a lot of luxus- shops were destroyed or saqueadas. Also police-stations were attacked.

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Chile: Nuevo número de CONFRONTACIÓN

March 3rd, 2021


Compartimos en formato digital el reciente número de CONFRONTACIÓN, el
cual desde enero de 2021 se encuentra en las calles en formato de
periódico con más de mil copias impresas. Agradecemos a todxs lxs
compas, manos y voluntades afines y solidarias que han ayudado a su
propagación por diversos espacios y territorios.

Quienes deseen adquirir copias para apoyar la distribución, pueden
seguir escribiendo a confrontación@riseup.net

– Editorrial
– Contra el tecnomundo y la ciber-sociedad
– La derecha alternativa: la opción fascista en la socialdemocracia
– Mano tendida al compañerx, puño cerrado al enemigo: una breve
reflexión sobre el sistema de pensiones.
– A seis meses de su detención: Solidaridad con Mónica Caballero y
Francisco Solar.

Periódico anarquista CONFRONTACIÓN

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Chile: Package bomb explodes in police station + Communiqué of “Faceless Entities, nothing and nobody you know

March 3rd, 2021

Received 14.12.20

On the morning of November 26, 2020 a subject enters the fourth police station of Cancha Rayada in the city of Talca, located at 17 Norte and 5 Oriente.

The subject delivered a package addressed to Major Sergio Figueroa. The package wrapped in gift paper contained the legend: “For his selfless work”. After the package was received, it was taken to the Major’s office, where Staff Sergeant Isaac Martinez was present.

At 11:51 a.m. they proceeded to open the package, causing an explosion inside the room. The detonation would have caused acoustic injuries to both policemen.

GOPE personnel quickly went to the place, as well as the regional prosecutor Julio Contardo, who said: “we have arranged for the attendance of personnel from the OS9 of Santiago, from Labocar, fundamentally, because there is a special team that has been assigned to investigate this type of crimes at a national level”. Likewise, the case will be handled by the South Prosecutor’s Office of Santiago, specialized in these crimes.

A few days later, the action was attributed by “Entes sin Rostro, nada ni nadie que ustedes conozcan” (Faceless Entities, nothing and nobody you know) to counterinformation pages.

Adjudication of the explosive attack against the 4th Police Station of Carabineros de Talca.

(Taken from Contrainfo) Read the rest of this entry »

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Santiago, Chile: Public transport network RED bus set on fire

March 3rd, 2021

via: Attaque Translated by Act for freedom now!
News from the social war / Sunday 21 February 2021

Our attack targets any entity, symbol and manifestation of the oppression that subsists under the essence of capitalism. All our life we have been shown that we have nothing and, in the face of the pacifism agreed following a false truce, we declare war! Not a step back in the face of those who, every day, force us to obey !

In every action we find ideas, memories and feelings of each compa fallen or kidnapped by the Chilean State. In our memory and in the street we remain thirsty for vengeance against this false normality disguised as a pandemic.


Like the Wallmapu who revolt, we incite incendiary actions to spread.


Note: from Noticias de la guerra social:

In the morning of Monday February 8, near the Rotonda Grecia [in the western, rich, suburb of Santiago, on the border between the municipalities of Ñuñoa and Peñaloén; NdAtt.],
a bus of the RED network was blocked and set on fire by persons unknown.

According to the bus driver’s statement, some masked people came on to the bus and forced him to get off, then threw Molotov cocktails, setting fire to it. Firefighters and forensic police personnel arrived at the scene to examine it.

Shortly afterwards the action was claimed in the above mail, sent to the address of Noticias de la guerra social.

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Greece: Taking responsibility for the arson attack on the town hall of Moschato area in Athens

March 3rd, 2021

video of the action

In a time of pandemic, in a murderous State, which has chosen not to waste a single euro on health, children, transportation and that would help society against the virus but to give millions to cops, the army and of course the main pillars and its supporters (channels, shipowners and industrialists).

The same junta State is assassinating the revolutionary militant Dimitris Koufontinas, disobeying the photographic law that they made and determined to avenge the militant’s action and the historical legacy he has left. For our part, we will not allow such a thing.

Finally, let us say here that your police force does not touch us at all and that if Dimitris Koufontinas is assassinated, such actions will become your daily routine.

ps:  Quiet cities burn beautifully.




via: athens.indymedia.

From & Translated by Act for freedom now!

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Greece, Athens: Incendiary Attacks on Houses of Police in Solidarity with Dimitris Koufondinas

March 3rd, 2021

“The state maneuver aimed at exterminating revolutionary Dimitris Koufondinas will not go unanswered”

The long-lasting hunger strike of political prisoner Dimitris Koufondinas, and the threat of his murder by murderous mechanisms of power, is not something foreign to the larger social reality. They take place behind a veil of organized silence, in methodical disinformation, under unbridled authoritarianism. As has happened in the past, with examples of state-killed hunger strikers, the hunger striker is excluded from political normality, he is dehumanized, he is seen as an “outsider” who blackmailed the State to satisfy his personal “whims”; the state would therefore have no reason to give in to his “blackmail.”

“Mr. Sands was a convicted criminal. He chose to lose his life. It is a choice that the organization to which he belonged did not leave to many of its victims.”

Margaret Thatcher in 1981 after the death of IRA member Bobby Sands following his hunger strike.

The government of Néa Dimokratía and the Mitsotakis / Bakoyannis family are executing a death sentence against Dimitris Koufondinas. They are executioners and murderers. And that’s how historical memory will remember them. They, their minions and those who actively supported their brazen murderous policies.

We have a lot to say, but right now we have a lot more to do.
We claim these incendiary attacks:

– On the house of the retired lieutenant general of the Greek police, Christos Kontaridis. Kontaridis was probably the most bloodthirsty of the MAT officers [the Greek riot police] from 1994 to 2008, he was at the forefront of repression; he is responsible for dozens of episodes of police violence against protesters. He is responsible for the blood of combatants spilled on the sidewalks. He continued his miserable career in important positions within the repressive machinery, thanks to the fact that he was a staunch watchdog of State and Capital. After leaving the police force, he stood for election as Néa Dimokratía’s candidate. Even today, he writes nonstop, aligning himself with the political agenda of the far right and reinforcing fascist ideas within repressive mechanisms.

– On the house of the brigadier general of the Greek police, Michalis Ladomenou, a high-ranking officer who, as Director of Personnel of the Greek Police, acted as a mediator between unions and political service leaders. Ladomenou has long played a dual role. On the one hand, to cover up and silence the crimes of his fellow police officers and on the other hand, by pushing towards the satisfaction of the most reactionary demands of the police unions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Greece: A sea of people flood the centre of Athens in solidarity to Dimitris Koufondinas on hunger strike for 53 days

March 3rd, 2021

A sea of people flood the centre of Athens in solidarity to Dimitris Koufondinas on hunger strike for 53 days (Greece, March 1st, 2021)

Thousands have defied the reign of fear, censorship and terror imposed by the greek government on any protest or voice in solidarity to the simple demands of a political prisoner, Dimitris Koufondinas, whose death is imminent, after 53 days of hunger strike.

The vast majority of the protests all over Greece during the last 6 weeks have been attacked, without even an excuse, as soon as people started to gather. Even a mention of Koufondinas name on Facebook and you get a ban or your FB page is taken down. This has even happened to politicians, lawyers, scholars and academics.

Regardless, what matters is the images you see above. If Dimitris Koufondinas dies it will be the first prisoner on hunger strike to die in the European Union, since the death of Bobby Sands and his comrades in 1981, in Northern Ireland, under the Margaret Thatcher regime.

Dimitris Koufondinas, now 63 years old, is on hunger strike for the last 53 days and has begun a thirst strike too since 23 February. His current demand is to be transferred to Korydallos prison, as well as, an end to the arbitrary political interventions against him.

Even after 53 days without food, the greek government refuses his right to equal treatment.

[Partially taken from mpalothia.net].

From: Malacoda

The banner which thousands march behind, seen in the video and photo translates from Greek as ‘I was born 17 November’, this is a slogan associated with 17 November Revolutionary Organisation and is a strong statement of support for armed struggle.


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Berlin: Rigaer94 calls for international solidarity – destruction of our space expected

March 3rd, 2021

After the eviction of the anarcha-queer-feminist house project Liebig34 on 9th of october 2020, the offensive of state and capital against self-organized structures in the northern area of Friedrichshain and other parts of the city did not cease. The Liebig34 is since then under the control of the owner and the presence of his gang had also an affect on the local life. The so called Dorfplatz (“village square”) lying directly in front of the house was during the last months less used by residents and visitors as a common space and saw some minor confrontations with the invaders. With having taken one of the strategic points in the area and in the same time removing a political obstacle, state and capital could focus on the Rigaer94, which lies just some meters away from the Dorfplatz and has been a constant topic in the medias over the last year.

A few days ago, cops and diggers destroyed a settlement of homeless people in Rummels Bay, a few kilometers from us. The pretext here was the extreme frost, in reality it is also there to serve the profit of investors. Also expected in the next few weeks is the eviction of the Potse Youth Center – the city is in the process of removing any rebellious site.What started with ridiculous complaints of the parliamentary opposition about the fire-security in the house became one of the central issues of the forces of order. All those who were spending their energy for years to create a depoliticized image of Rigaer94 as a house full of brutal gangsters began to speak about their worries that the inhabitants could tragically die in a fire. Their rhetoric is very transparent because it was based mainly on the fact, that the house has several mechanisms to quickly barricade the main entrances. These barricades are in fact a central piece of the safety of the inhabitants. Not only the social media is full of fascist threats to target the house but also the cops proved over the last years that they are not only capable to launch very violent legally supported actions but also to openly coordinate with parastate forces, namely organized fascists and the mafiotic structure of the real estate industry. For example the owner of Liebig34, but other companies as well, are well known in Berlin for evicting houses by setting them on fire. The message behind the fake discussion about our safety was nothing but a direct threat and a call for parastate forces to set our building on fire. In the same time it was aiming to create a public opinion and legal base to destroy the house structure without having to get an eviction title. Read the rest of this entry »

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Indonesia: Attack on Police Station in Solidarity with Arrested Anarchist Toby Shone

March 3rd, 2021

About four days ago when we found out an anarchist, Toby Shone, was arrested on the charges of terrorism (for fucking running a website) and possession of level A drugs, we attacked a local police station in which one of the pigs got burned in a city, located in Central Java. We do not know why there are no media coverage and we intentionally postponed the communique because of several reasons.

However we do not claim the incendiary attacks against several ATM machines a day ago by certain individuals or groups that we do not know of in the city of Yogyakarta. As there’s no claim of responsibility and only bombastic media coverage about the attack on several ATM machines.

Solidarity for every political prisoners! Monica Caballero, Fransisco Solar, Toby Shone, and others!

Solidarity means attack!

Vengeance Unit/FAI

Note: Photo is taken from an unrelated attack on a police post in Indonesia.

From: Abolition Media Worldwide

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Indonesia: Molotov attack on Police Post in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

March 3rd, 2021

Claim responsibility for a molotov attack on a police post in Palembang, Indonesia on February 25 in solidarity with anarchist prisoners:

We claim that they are related to the attack on a police post in the city of Palembang, South Sumatra province, Indonesia. On Friday, February 26, 2021 in the morning as a form of solidarity for comrades Dimitris Koufontinas, Toby Shone, Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar, and others.

Let’s make solidarity and set to the fire!

From Individualist anarchist!

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Italy: Kafka in Messina-style. Text by anarchist Anna Beniamino on 270bis notified to her in Messina prison EN/IT

March 3rd, 2021


There are repressive phenomena in which the comic transcends the tragic.

In the last few days, I have been the involuntary protagonist of one of these, among the many that the Messina prison manages to give, every day.

The DDA (District Anti-Mafia Direction [which also deals with anti-terrorism in the context of the “National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Directorate”]) of Messina, through emissaries of the Digos [division of the state police that deals with prevention, anti-terrorism and anti-crime activities], has notified me in prison, on February 26, 2021, a notice of investigation for 270bis (subversive association with the purpose of terrorism), to me alone against the State, by the prosecutors Vito Di Giorgio and Antonio Carchietti because it has been: “sent a hard disk through correspondence addressed to the same prison. Considered that the contents of that hard disk may provide useful information to highlight the criminal conduct carried out by the same prisoner or to reveal the emergence of new actions for the purposes of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order; noting that, as reported by the Digos of Messina in the above information, it seems necessary to learn the contents of the hard disk mentioned“.

To add ridiculousness to the whole thing, there is the fact that the above-mentioned hard disk was not entered through an unspecified “correspondence” (which is almost impossible for anyone who knows a minimum of the modalities of reception, registration and postal control in prison), but was kept at the criminal records office, at the valuables office and followed me at a distance in the various pilgrimages between the prisons in the last four years, containing… simply the judicial acts of the Scripta Manent procedure. In short… a 270bis for detention of judicial acts of a 270bis trial. I had requested its release as an item deposited at the valuables office during a visit in prison.

With this, the DDA and Digos of Messina distinguished themselves for the most creative application of the year in the use of the “associative” bogeyman… given that in this case the accomplices could only be the Turin prosecutors who drew up the documents… or the employees of the prison’s valuables office who kept them.

A tragicomedy that reveals the simple consequences of the (penitentiary) police state.

Messina, march 2021

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Greece: Claim of Responsibility for Arson Attack on Cars of Far-Right Politician K. Bogdanos

March 3rd, 2021


The outbreak of the global health crisis a year ago brought tectonic changes to the lives of millions of people. Chronic and deliberate disintegration of health systems could only result in death, pain and anxiety for the future. However, the purpose of this text is not to analyze the causes of the dissolution of condition as well as the rapid spread of the virus or its non-treatment. We choose to dwell on other points, which we consider to be clearly more crucial to our lives and which did not occur in pandemics in the past.

The management of this crisis in the western world, of which the Greek state is a part, is now known to each of us. We have all experienced the effects of state manipulation and planning in the social field. The freezing of much of the economic activity has led to the suspension of work and redundancies for too many or the over-intensification of the labor force of certain essential sectors. The disintegration of the labor unions continues at a rapid pace, foreshadowing the future: insecurity and its derivatives will be the bait for consent to the conditions of slavery in labor scams.

Health and education are delivered north to the capital that prevails and finds an opportunity due to the conditions to penetrate its teeth even deeper. At the same time, private companies, being a lifelong supporter of every government, are being rewarded for putting their foot down even harder by receiving the price for the support they offer. The “urgency” of the crisis, as it is advertised, freezes the reactions in front of the bribery of millions of euros above and below the table for a multitude of benefits (intensive use, high know-how, the well-publicized vaccines, etc.) regarding health. The attack on education by a portion of the business world (and not only) that finances programs, subsidizes scientific research, obviously demands the corresponding rewards. This explains the effort to completely sterilize the schools and the campaign to annihilate the political and social processes within them. They want schools like those that preach bastards like Kalyvas [political scientist Stathis Kalyvas], based on what he said a few days ago in an interview with the “first issue” brochure. Read the rest of this entry »

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Donate to imprisoned anarchists, solidarity campaigns, 325 and related projects with cryptocurrencies

January 14th, 2021

So we can better collect and transfer financial solidarity to imprisoned comrades in various cases with a minimized interference and seizure by the banks and the state, there is our cryptocurrency wallet that we have opened to receive money from those interested and in solidarity. We will continue to maintain this wallet for the gathering and channeling of money for imprisoned anarchists internationally. This is also an appeal for financial solidarity to our informal network and group, publications, logistics, outreach etc. Our project requires money as we help persecuted and imprisoned comrades, pay for organisational costs and propaganda. Help us survive and take 325 to the next level, please consider donating, no amount is too small. If you are not able to send financial solidarity, then contributions of translations, articles, reports, photos and thematic art/designs are always welcome.

Below is the QR code & address for our XMR Monero wallet.

325 Financial Solidarity


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