325 is an anarchist / anti-capitalist information clearing house and DIY media network for social war. If you have problems using this contact form or wish to email us directly, contact mail-325 [at] riseup.net – Contribute your news and reports.

325 is an anarchist / anti-capitalist information clearing house and DIY media network for social war. This new-media project is part of an international informal network that not only provides an alternative media outlet for people who are accused or convicted of anti-capitalist, anti-state, anarchist and earth/animal liberation direct actions, but is also somewhere we can publish direct action reports from active revolutionary groups. In this way, 325 aims to help revolutionary individuals and social movements bypass the corporate media’s manipulative stranglehold on information.

Our solidarity is not based on whether the contributions which we receive via our web-based contact form fit a strict ideological checklist. Each contribution sent to us is unique and we give consideration to every report we receive. We do not impose ideological limits on our solidarity, although we DO NOT support people that provide information to law enforcement or snitch on allies or co-defendants.

We have no connection to the direct action groups which send us anonymous reports, other than in our general support for actions taken by individuals or groups in the fight against capitalism, against the state, and for earth, animal and human liberation. We also denounce the capitalist-industrial system itself for its mass terrorist activities in furtherance of profit and control. Similarly, any direct action listed on this website does not imply our participation or personal involvement in it, unless we specifically stated this ourselves. 325 reaffirms a commitment to the polymorphous revolutionary struggle and to all forms of resistance against exploitation, be they sit-ins, leafleting, occupations, graffiti, general assemblies, strikes, sabotage and attacks against property or the oppressors themselves.

Most importantly, 325’s listing or support of any prisoner DOES NOT – in any way, shape or form – indicate that 325 believes a prisoner to be guilty of any alleged “crime” unless the prisoners themselves assume responsibility. Our solidarity IS NOT based upon perceived guilt or innocence; nor is it based upon a prisoner’s alleged support of, or connection to, an underground movement or activity. Listing and support by 325, as described above, is based upon one being charged and/or accused of revolutionary/liberationist activity taken in defense of the earth – rather than whether 325 believes such allegations to be true or false.

We welcome feedback and critique on our website as well as on our solidarity work from rebellious individuals and those organised in the global social movements. We do not communicate with capitalist media and we will not comply with any judicial investigation from any nation-state anywhere. Inquiries from revolutionary, anti-imperialist, alternative, independent and movement media or individuals are encouraged and will be answered as quickly as possible. Please be aware that it is not possible for us to answer every contact, due to the amount of incoming mail we receive.

Please send us any updated prisoner addresses, news items, reports and direct action communiques from around the world.

You are responsible for your security when using this contact form. Although not perfect, you can start with researching and downloading Tor Browser (IP Shielding) & GPG (Encrypted email). Also, check out this guide to computer security and this text.

For the struggle against capitalism and every form of domination.