Legal process against Nazi-skin eco-camp attack (Russia)

The case of the nazi-skinheads’ attack of the environmental protest camp
in Angarsk was passed to the juvenal court

Special juvenal court will consider the criminal case about attack by
Nazi-skinheads of the environmental protest camp near Angarsk town (in
Eastern Siberia) which happened summer 2007. The anti-fascist from
Nachodka (Far East) Ilya Borodaenko perished after being seriously
injured. The court will consider 45 volumes of the criminal case on a
charge of 20 young men, 11 of which were not 18 years old at the moment
of attack.

Interests of one of the injured of the movement “Avtonomnoye Deystviye” (Autonomous Action) are represented by the Interregional Human-Rights Association “AGORA”. The judicial investigation has determined that more than 20 young men, armed with baseball bats, sticks and knives had attacked the camp of environmentalists who protested against an expansion of production at the local uranium enrichment plant. Seven injured were hospitalized, two of them were in serious condition. Ilya died of craniocerebral injury and spine fracture.

21 people were recognized as an aggrieved party. 20 accused are charged
with hooliganism committed by previous concert or by a group of people
(part 2, article 213 of Criminal code of Russian Federation). Six of
them are accused in voluntary infliction of health harm committed by a
group of people by previous concert toward 2 and more people (points a)
and b), of part 3, article 111 of Criminal code of Russian Federation).
Two are charged with voluntary infliction of health harm caused by
chance the death of the injured (part 4, article 11 of Criminal code of
Russian Federation).

Many of the accused don’t disclaim their political views and their
complicity in nationalist movements, particularly in Nazi-skinheads.
They noted during interrogations that the attack was caused by
ideological discord with environmentalists. One of accused is a student
of East Siberian Institute of Police. During a search his study essay
“The mechanism of fascists dictatorship in Germany” was confiscated in
his house. His father is a commander of Security Department of
Zheleznogorsk’s Police department.

Legal analysts of the Interregional Human-Rights Association “AGORA”
note that compositions of the courts which consider only cases of minors
are occasional occurrence in Russia and that those courts are experiment
in some Russian regions.

Juvenal justice is being introduced in Russia since 2000. The juvenal
court in Angarsk appeared one of the first in the country. The transfer
of the criminal case to such court is caused by the fact that the most
of the criminals were minors at the moment of crime.

The case about Nazi’s massacre in Angarsk will become not only the show
trial on the greatest Nazi’s attack of the recent years but also a check
of forming juvenal justice in the country, the chairman of the
Interregional Human-Rights Association “AGORA”, believes Ph.D. in Law
Pavel Chikov.

Source: Information Department of the Interregional Human-Rights
“AGORA” +7(843) 523-09-53, +7-917-398-12-47

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