Why we want the destruction of retention centers

Here is a leaflet from the anarchist aperiodical publication Non Fides, translated from French. It was distibuted in French cities and in front of the Vincennes retention center which burned after the revolt of its prisoners.
A retention center (Centre de Rétention Administrative or CRA in French) is a prison for illegal immigrants in attempt of their eviction. There has been a lot of revolts past years inside these prisons, and outside.
Also a lot of repression for some anarchists compagnons which are still in prisons for some of them under the anti-terrorist jurisdiction. More information about these cases in english here.

Why we want the destruction of retention centers

? Because we don’t struggle for the improvement of detention conditions.

? Because even air-conditioned, made of gold, velvet or silk, a prison cell remains a prison cell.

? Because the detention follows an arbitrary raid and leads to a similarly arbitrary deportation.

? Because arresting a lot of undocumented migrants and expelling a certain number, it’s all about teaching terror to everyone.

? Because nor scum nor decent people deserves imprisonment.

? Because we stand for the abolition of all borders and all prisons, along with the society that produces them.

? Because we do not recognize the laws, although they recognize us.

? Because for economic reasons the State can decide to deport 25 000 persons per year in the same way as a boss can decide to fire out 595 persons because they aren’t profitable anymore.

? Because the illegal immigrant’s arrests devices participates in the daily police occupation of our districts.

? Because the absence of an ID is only a crime only according to the law.

? Because criminalization due to the absence of an ID leads to criminalization of anybody who simply wishes to wander.

? Because ID checks contribute towards Kontrol over us all.

? Because the fear of confinement allows the overbid of exploitation.

? Because the closure of the retention centers is to be asked and because we don’t ask nothing to the State.

? Because if the freedom of one is violated, everybody’s liberty is in doubt.

? Because in the acme of this cynical world, sometimes illegal workers build the prisons which are intended to confine them.

? Because beyond the retention centers stands the State, which we want to kick down.

? Because humanitarian civic consciousness and its Judeo-Christian basis make us sick and we only know one solution against retention centers…

? Because the humanitarian approach never solves thorough the problems, it only brings a cosmetic treatment to the visible surface of the iceberg.

? Because we dream about the possibilityof burning our IDs in a general playful exaltation.

? Because!

From Non Fides, a periodical anarchist publication from France.

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