Jan 18 Update on the ‘Nottetempo’ trial, Lecce (Italy)

The investigation and prosecution of anarchists from Lecce, is a clampdown on those who aspire to destroy CPT’s (Immigrantion Detention Centres) and particulary the anarchists, who want to destroy all cells and borders forever.

The detention centre ‘San Foca’ was a notoriously cruel limbo run by the corrupt priest Cesare Lodeserto, it was closed down, so the investigations, jailings and trial had to begin. Anyone who was seen acting against the detention prisons or showing solidarity with excluded people was seen as also requiring a cell, to stop their agitation igniting any more trouble.

The defendants are charged with ’subversive association’/conspiracy and a number of other crimes, which include attacks against banks, attacks against targets connected with CPT’s, actions in solidarity with Mapuche people in Chile and against the Iraq war.

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For those who didn’t run for cover during the tempest : On the trial of the Lecce anarchists and their struggle against the CPT (PDF)
On January 18 another hearing of the Nottetempo trial was held in Lecce. Witnesses for the prosecution, including doctor Katia Cazzato and doctor Ruberti, made their depositions. The doctors had compiled false medical certificates following a violent beating inflicted on immigrants who had tried to escape the Regina Pacis camp. Although Cazzato and Ruberti were not present on that occasion, they drew up certificates presenting bruises and wounds inflicted by carabinieri and priest Lodeserto as the result of falls. Both doctors denied any wrongdoing.

All requests put forward by the defence in favour of the three comrades still under house arrest (permission to work and the possibility to go to the court without a police escort) were rejected.

It appears clear that Salvatore, Saverio and Cristian will be held under house arrest until the end of the trial. Furthermore the refusal to grant even the smallest request presented by their lawyers gives the impression that the strings of this trial are being pulled far beyond the court. Until now it had been taken for granted that charges of subversive association would be dropped and that some of the defendants would be accused of specific crimes alone, but it now seems that this trial is being used in order to effectively sentence anarchists for subversive association for the first time.

The next hearings will be held on January 25, February 8 and February 22.

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