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Davao City, Philippines

Homepage of Kinaiyahan Unahon (Nature First)

We, the Kinaiyahan Unahon Collective in Davao City, Philippines are now on the track collectively running a small community library and an info center project which is quiet very useful to our collective as a resource base for mobility and especially to people and friends to come around, meet up, work on and do something politically while opening and encouraging an autonomous atmosphere of learning and doing things.

With the support from local and international autonomous and grassroots network, we manages to come up with the useful materials needed for the centre as well able to receive financial donations from friends to start up with the project.

We officially moved to the house project last Nov.15, 2008 and we opened the library last January 11 of this year. The house is fairly big enough. It is a two-storey constructed house with the ladder belted in the front portion which separates two spaces, the upstairs area and the ground area. Currently, inside the ground area encloses the library, a kitchen and a small toilet. One of the rooms is small and without a toilet separately facing opposite to the big one that has water sink and a toilet. Some people sleep in the big room and others are comfortable enough to sleep in the small one with a quantity of things stored inside. We have 2 computers in both rooms and were considering having an internet connection available in the future which is quiet very useful.

The area upstairs really needs major renovation. It has no door, no windows, no rooms, and no ceilings. There is also some part of the floor that needs to be repaired and completely changed. The collective’s plan is to build few rooms upstairs to keep our things in place besides the need of privacy. Upstairs is also a perfect area to set up programs for many participants like formal discussions, forums, workshops, screenings, and some sort of group dynamic oriented activity.

Our plans are:

1. For the big room downstairs is to change it into an Audio- Visual Room in which we can do small group discussions, collective meetings and study circle activities.

2. For the small one is a working room and database storage; we left the living room as it is. After we finally made the bookshelves (at last!), we were very happy to come up with the library! As for now, we decided to open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, 1pm to 5pm. There is also a fraction in the living room that’ll be good for merchandises, do-it-yourself stuff, and organically made products like coffee, rice etc. which is still under process of work.

3. To arrange a ‘book and theatre club’ soon.

4. To improve the area beside the house that is perfect for music and art performances, workshops and gardening (it is also a good place to hang-out and relax!).

5. To make a Zine project with the rest of the affected communities involved in the struggle against Aerial Spraying of pesticides application.

6. To work for ‘pamphlet making and distribution’ regarding the boycott of corporate products (San Miguel Corporation) to support the Sumilao farmer’s struggle (Bukidnon) in fighting to reclaim their land against these corporate plunderers.

7. In addition, we’ve also started the translation project of any English Anarchist literature into our local dialect (Visayan) that is relevant to our local situation. With this, we need support with regards to printing and distribution.

The rental cost of the house is 7,500 Pesos per month; we paid for 3-month advance deposit and 3-month advance rental costing around 45,000 Pesos. We decided to pay in advance half of the price (Php 3,750/month) for a 1 year contract (March 15, 2008 to November 15, 2009) costing around 33,750 Pesos. And the other half of it (Php 33,750) should go to renovation and improvement. All in all, the owner of the house receives around 78,750 pesos.

At this time, we have no money left and in need to find another 33,750 Pesos (approx. 555 euros) to make it up to November of 2009. This will be for the renovation and improvement of the space upstairs so that we can continue the plan as soon as possible.

The Kinaiyahan Unahon Collective needs your support in terms of any amount of financial donations that you can spare to continue what we have started. We hope that you could help us.

Politically, we continue working with friends and communities, especially the affected ones, on the campaign resisting Aerial Spraying (AS) of pesticides in Banana plantations in Davao City. The campaign is crucially in need of more support and solidarity actions after the Court of Appeals in Cagayan De Oro City dropped a decision to trash the banning ordinance (AS) in Davao City that started last February 2007. (We’ll mail you some news and updates about the case and some recent action on the campaign soon if it is ok). Aerial Spraying application is coming back and it needs to be resisted by whatever means necessary.

Budget Breakdowns:

– One year house rental offered and was agreed by the owner and the renter as of Nov 15, 2008-Nov 15, 2009.

– Monthly rental of the house – P7,500 ( 50 percent of the monthly rental goes to the mandatory expenditures in renovating the house, thus the owner needs official receipt of the materials for the renovation after the renter submits collectively agreed scope of work statement for each month )

– 3 mo. advance rental (Nov 15-feb 15)- P22, 500

– 3 mo. advance deposit- P 22,500

– 9 mo. advance payment w/c is half of the stated monthly rental excluding the renovation (as of march 15 2009-nov 15 2009) – P33, 750

– P78,750- total cash received by the owner

love and rage,


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