From Lampedusa to Turin: Fire to all immigration detention centres

February 18 2009. Three hundred Tunisians detained in a detention centre on the isle of Lampedusa (Sicily) revolt against the deportation of about one hundred compatriots. A fire set by the prisoners in revolt destroys the building and causes a number of injured among the immigrants, the cops intervened to suppress the revolt and the fire brigade.

February 19 2009. Twenty-seven Tunisians previously detained in the centre of Lampedusa are moved to the detention centre of Corso Brunelleschi in Turin. All the women locked up in that centre are freed to make room for the new arrivals.

The twenty-seven, some of them wounded, start a hunger strike, and the other prisoners of the centre join the protest. Dozens of anarchists and anti-racists gather outside Corso Brunelleschi in order to give solidarity to the immigrants in revolt. The demonstrators shout, play loud music and launch firecrackers encouraging the prisoners to throw the rubbish skips in the courtyard. The voices of the protest inside the immigration prison are broadcast all over Turin through the microphones of Black Out radio. The prisoners tell their stories of absurd arrests, raids, abuse, humiliation, forced administration of psychotropic drugs and vent their strong desire for freedom.

Before leaving the demo in the evening, the demonstrators set wood and tyres to fire and compel the cops to call in the fire brigade. But there are fires that cannot be extinguished!

February 19 2008. A group of anarchists carry out actions all over Trento (northern Italy) against the raids on immigrants and the security laws and in solidarity to the prisoners and rebels in Lampedusa.

How many times have we shouted ‘Fire to all immigration detention centres?’ Now that they are burning for real we must show that we are the accomplices of those who struggle with desperation and courage. May the fires of Lampedusa lighten this social hell which more and more poor people are condemned to.

(Anarchists from Trento and Rovereto).

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