State terrorism – Not even afraid! (France)

Parisian region: Six people from Paris and its close suburbs are put under investigation for “criminal association in relation to a terrorist undertaking” (which the State names Mouvance Anarcho-Autonome Francillienne”, MAAF) Three amongst them are incarcerated for a first specific act; the attempted arson of a police car on the 2nd of may 2007, in the 18th district of Paris; “attempted destruction on goods or people with a view to commit an attack on goods or people, in relation to a terrorist undertaking”. They are accused on the basis of supposed “DNA traces” found on the incendiary device. Isa is put in prison on the 27nd of January [and placed under judicial control the 9th of February]. Juan, today in Bois d’Arcy (after Fresnes and Rouen) is locked up since 20 June; Damien in Villepinte since 14 August.Two (Isa, but also Farid) are accused of another specific fact, transport of chlorate and possession of a plan of prison for minors and sabotage manuals, found during a road control in Vierzon on the 23d of January 2008. Farid is under judicial control after having purged 4 months of preventive imprisonment in Fleury and Meaux (from January till May 2008). Three (Damien, but also Ivan and Bruno) are accused of a specific fact, transport of chlorate (smoke bombs) and miguelitos found during a police control in Fontenay/Bois on the 19th of January. Ivan and Bruno purged 4 months of preventive imprisonment in Fresnes and Villepinte (from January till May 2008). Ivan is still under judicial control, Bruno took off in July.

Marseille, 25th of August: The person accused of recidivist refusal of DNA taking is condemned to 300 euros of fine days; 30 days of 10 euro. She had been arrested during a squat eviction on the 10th of July 2008 and placed under judicial control.

Toulouse-Rennes, 9th of October: Randall, Gregoire and Daphnee, arrested the 25th November 2007 in Toulouse and accused of an attempted attack against a Customs building and an artisan explosion in a field, are condemned to 6 months to 3 years imprisonment.

Fresnes, 14th of October: Three of the 4 arrested after a wild solidarity demonstration in front of the prison in Fresnes on the 2nd of July are condemned to 3000 euros suspended fine for refusal of road signs and a banner (”Like in Vincennes…Fire to the prisons!”). The 4th is condemned to 3000 euros custodial sentence, also for the specific fact of transport of “non explosive fireworks” (smoke bombs). All are acquitted for refusal of DNA taking. House searches had been undertaken in this story.

Paris, 5th of November: The 10 people shortly arrested on the 13th of October following a house occupation in the Pannoyaux street (20th) and pursued for “degradations” (the wholes of the cops to enter) have all been acquitted.

Catenaries, 11th of November: Ten people are arrested in Tarnac, Rouen, Paris and close to Nancy. Nine are put under investigation for “criminal association in relation to a terrorist undertaking” (the “invisible cell”). Five of them are incarcerated the 15th of November in Fresnes, La Sante and Fleury. Three of which are specifically accused of being responsible for a part of the sabotages of the 8th of November against lines of the SNCF (French railway company), in other words “degradation of goods committed in union” and Julien being the responsible of this “cell”. The 2nd of December, three of de five incarcerated (Gabrielle, Manon, Benjamin) are placed under judicial control in Paris, Normandy and Limoges, joining the others (Mathieu, Aria, Bertrand, Elsa). [Yldune is placed under judicial control on the 16th of January, Julien stays imprisoned.]

Avignon, 26th of November: Gregory and Damien, arrested on the 31st of March 2007 during the presidential elections and accused of the arson of a building of the socialist party (PS) are condemned to 3 years of prison, one of which custodial (and 1 non symbolic euro to pay to the PS). The insurance company claims 17 000 euros. They already purged three months of preventive (March-June 2007).

Paris, 10th of December: Damien and Paco, respectively accused of an arson attempt on a car in front of Fouquet restaurant (where Sarkozy celebrated his election) in the night of 10 to 11th of May 2007 and of complicity pass in trial. Damien already purged 6 weeks and Paco 7 weeks of preventive imprisonment, before being placed on judicial control.

[Paris, 9th of February: Isa is placed under judicial control.]

Cette Semaine

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