Update from Osaka ABC about comrade “Y”

On the morning of 9 July 2008, comrade “Y”, a militant of anarchist group, ‘Free Workers Federation’, was suddenly arrested by Osaka police at an office of Kamagasaki-Liberation building (Homeless Liberation organisation), accused of throwing slabs of concrete at police and stealing a police riot shield during an 8 day riot which was sparked when Japanese police brutally beat and tortured a day-worker. The riots also coincided with an opening meeting of the G8. Comrade “Y” was previously arrested and served prison time for attacking police with a chain during the Utsubo park evictions of 30 Jan 2006, he is a determined veteran of the struggle that the police want to isolate. We say – “More riots worldwide against police and bosses – No more exploitation!”

3 comrades went to visit Ysan in prison out in Hyogoken. This was a 4 hour car trip, which was fine until we got there and were summarily informed (at first) that only three of us could see Ysan, and one of us would have to just turn over the books we brought and wait in the lobby. But then we get to the actual room and they will only let 1 comrade in to see him.

As far as we understood, any prisoner in Japanese prisons is able to designate 5 individuals who are able to handle correspondence for them, money etc. and also do visitations. Ysan’s five people are mainly activists from Kamagasaki district. Under these rules, we should have been able to have our comrade Msan lead at least two other of us into the room to visit Ysan, but guess what? The Houmusho (the justice department) changed the law at the beginning of this
year, and only people who have a direct working/familial relation with a prisoner can get in to see him or her. This is so insanely dictatorial. I mean what if a person hates their coworkers/family members? Bottom line is that Japanese society relies on these two pillars of capitalist society: the family and the workplace, and disciplines prisoners to accept their mini-dictatorships no matter what.

So this was an infuriating shock, but at least we got one of our comrades in to talk to Ysan about getting glasses and other procedural stuff.

So here’s the update about Ysan:

1. He’s pretty healthy. His skin looked ok since they do a lot of exercises there. Apparently though he’s a bit resigned to his situation though and is trying to get out a little earlier by not causing too much trouble.

2. He works 9 to 5 in a prison factory making goods that he ‘can’t talk about’. But we got to see an exhibition of prison labor goods at the prison and it looks like his location is making furniture and shit. Will forward you the name of the prison labor corporation if it has international stations etc. He lives in a six-person room/cell.

3. Although visitation restrictions are really bad, letters are apparently relatively better. You can send letters, photos and books. Understand that they will be reviewed by prison staff though.

4. He’ll be out December 31st 2010. Apparently when he said this the prison administrator in the visitation room tried to correct him with the Japanese year numbering system, which would be the year of heisei (emperor) 22. Disgusting.

5. His address is:

Urata Keisaku
Hyougo-ken Kakogawa shi Kakogawa-cho Amano 15530

Hiroshi Inagaki, the social democract who was accused of ‘leading the riot’ will also be in for another year, although he is out on parole at the moment. The two other arrestees still in custody for riot are currently fighting in the courts.

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