Italian ‘Anti-terror’ investigation spills into Germany as raids against ‘Informal Anarchist Federation’ continue

As perhaps some of you may already know, long time anarchist prisoner Gabriel Pombo da Silva got visited in November 2008 by Italian (Digos/political police and state attorney) and German police (Federal and criminal divisions) in relation to a new investigation on FAI/RAT (a group of informal FAI) which took responsibility almost two years ago for some bombings in Torino, Italy. There were three devices, one of which did not explode, placed in garbage containers in the middle of the road in a rich neighbourhood.

On the 18.2.09, several house raids took place in Italy in connection to those actions, 5 people are under investigations, among them, a comrade who has close contact to Gabriel. The accusations are the terrorist association paragraph.

The police asked Gabriel about his relation to this very comrade and how he was supporting FAI, about the communique he wrote “in support” of them and their project and if he would be involved in organizing the clandestine meeting among some FAI groups which took place in December 2006 and produced a paper which is to be found on the internet.

It is unclear, what this will mean further for Gabriel. The facts are, that during the raids the police confiscated all the post comrades held from him (and from Marco Camenisch as well) and he got described in police papers “as a known terrorist in indirect contact with FAI”.

A ‘fact’ of news which appeared also last time in a few Italian newspapers, describing him as the “leader” of FAI.

The responsible of the investigations is the well known Tatangelo, who is behind most of the investigations against anarchists of last few years in Italy.

Gabriel is until now only a “person informed about the facts” and is not yet indicted, although this could change.

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