Message from the captives of the insurrection – Koridallos prison, Athens, Greece

Once again the corrupt and arrogant state, feeling the ground rumble under its feet and the overflowing rage of the people brought on by the murder of Alexis amongst many other causes, with concise pre-decided procedures and false statements by cops threw people into jail with carbon copy charges in an attempt to repress the social rage.

To mention an indicative example of this situation, after the investigator and before the decision for our pre-trial detention was announced, we heard the cops in the corridor shouting “Bring the prison van so we can take them away quickly”. Obviously the political decision for our imprisonment had already been taken much earlier.

Apart from the repression, also the mass media were used in order to turn public opinion against any form of struggle, especially in the case of such a struggle that took on the dimension of an insurrection.

We, the prisoners in the so called “correctional establishment” of Koridallos, feel the need to say that our bodies might be imprisoned but our thought and spirit remains with the struggle that continues outside.

Apostolis Kiriakopoulos and others imprisoned for the insurrectional events of December.

A’ Wing Koridallos Prison
December 24th, 2008


Apostolis Kiriakopoulos
A’ Pteriga
Filakes Koridallou
18110 Koridallos

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