Once again: Fire to all immigration detention centres

After the fire in the immigration detention centre of Lampedusa, Italy, in February 2009, protests and hunger strikes are taking place in similar centres in Turin, Bologna, Bari and Gradisca d’Isonzo.

Migrants in the detention centre of Bari (Puglia region, southern Italy) have been on hunger strike for a week and some of them have sewn their mouths.

On March 14 a demonstration in solidarity to the migrants in struggle was held outside the centre of Bari, which is strategically placed in the extreme outskirts of the town so that any contact with the outside is almost impossible.

Meantime the good citizens of Bari appeared totally indifferent to the migrants’ struggle and the local press also ignored what was going on in the detention centre.

After the demo, the comrades moved to a busy shopping area of the town in order to inform people about the hunger strike in the detention centre. They unfolded a banner and started distributing leaflets. After a short while the metropolitan police intervened and ordered the comrades to stop the gathering because no permission had been requested for holding the demonstration.
As the comrades refused to hand in their banner and leaflets, a fight followed. Five comrades were taken to the police station. Two were released in the evening and three were kept in custody and accused of violence and resistance to public officials. Their trial is due on March 18.

Needless to say that we despise those who assault and arrest for a simple distribution of leaflets and who prevent all kinds of information that do not follow the regime propaganda, whereas in the concentration camp of the same town migrants arrested without reasons have been on hunger strike for days and some of them have sewn their mouths.

A society based on bureaucracy, ignorance, indifference and racism deserves all our hatred and must be attacked!!!
Solidarity to the migrants, to our comrades and to all the prisoners in struggle!!!

Hatred to the defenders of the law!!!

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