Prison militant Vaggelis Palis at Larissa court (Greece)

On 16 / 3 /2009, Vaggelis Palis, long time prison rebel, was presented in front of the court in Larissa, known for its conservative and hard convictions (still quite a lot of the prisoners of the December insurrection are being kept there, a lot of them minors, 15, 16 years old, under the anti terrorist law, and facing a possible 20/25 years…). He is accused of participation in a prison revolt in 2006, for destruction, riot and attempted outbreak/escape.

A group of about 80 people gathered outside the court in solidarity, with banners, sticks (with flags i believe?) and a lot of hard and confronting slogans. A big convoy of MAT (Greek riot police) was awaiting the group on the other side of the street. At the end of the day, the group decided to make a small demonstration, through the shopping street around the court, and came back on the other side of the building. This made the cops a bit more nervous, and once back at the initiated point, they attacked quite unexpected and mostly relentless. Immediately 4 people were arrested and heavily beaten. The rest was chased to the square behind; in front of the university. There for some time the cops shot (a sickening amount of) gas (not the type that makes you cry, but the type that makes your skin burn like hell, and that makes you throw up and choke), and the anarchists hid, then attacked with all the stones, tables, chairs, ashtrays to find, back and forth.

Eventually half of the group hid inside the university, the other half was chased down the city for some time and managed to hide later in another university building. The cops had surrounded the first building and threatened to break the asylum and arrest everyone inside. In the meantime they were still arresting people on the streets; the number of arrestees increasing to 9.

Because of the poilitical situation at the moment, as well as the Dean of the uni did not allow the arrest, everybody came out, about 3/4 hours later, and returned home, bruised, burnt, swollen casted and stitched.

Vaggelis Palis got 3 years extra imprisonment that day, on top of the already 16 years he had. The man is in his 50’s and promised the judge once, as an answer to the question if he plead guilty to the charges of another prison revolt, that he would make sure that he would set fire to all prisons he would enter, he would destroy every bit of it and try to escape from all of them, until there are none left.

He has nothing to lose, after tens of years behind bars and with an ever increasing amount of years likewise in the future, but a lot to gain: the air.

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