Anarchist prisoner Thodoros Iliopoulos on hungerstrike (Greece)

Thodoros Iliopoulos is an anarchist and the last prisoner of December’s revolt still in pre-trial detention. He has been in prison since 22 December 2008 and is now the only prisoner of the revolt to be denied bail – still. On July 9 the court of appeals made explicit, in rejecting Iliopoulos’ application, that it did so on the grounds that Iliopoulos is an anarchist and therefore a “danger for democracy”. Thodoros is detained at the Court Prisons of Koridalos (in Athens, Greece) after the refusal of his appeal for freedom and the decision to continue imprisonment for 6 more months in prison, Thodoros begins a hunger strike, Friday 10 July.

What follows is a translation of Thodoros’ letter from prison, dated July 9.

Today, 9 July 2009

On the 8th of July, after six-and-a-half months in prison, where I ended up following the incidents of December accused for things I never did, the Court of Misdemeanours ordered the extension of my pre-trial detention.

It is the only court decision ordering the extension of a detention for the events of December, at atime when every single other person in pre-trial detention for December’s revolt (with the same or other charges) has already been released.

The decision reveals personal prejudice and hatred against me; feelings that cannot be justified or explained and is a decision that is biased, unfair and illegal by default, same as any detention.

Faced with the hatred against me, against the unfair “sentence” I am serving in either case, against the stuborn denial of judges and atttorney generals to see the real facts and the truth in my case, against the obvious and unprecedented bias against me, I have no other weapon to fight with but my own body.

I am going on hunger strike. It is the only means I have left as a prisoner to shout out the truth and denounce the injustice and prejudice of the mechanisms of “justice”. To denounce the arbitrariness and the violence of a blind “justice” and its even blinder servants.

From Friday, July 10th, I will stop receiving any food and I will submit a hunger strike notification to the prison’s administration.

Those who lived the events of December, those who experienced the violence of these mechanisms, those who experienced the harshness of the pricon cell – with or without a prison sentence- those who know that the only path to freedom is resistance, those who react to the juridical arbitrariness and its horrors, are those who understand me and who will stand by my side.

I thank them in advance.

Thodoris Iliopoulos (Θοδωρης Ηλιοπουλος)

Koridalos Prisons (Φυλακές Κορυδαλού)

Translated from Greek in solidarity with those who experience the horror of state repression and the inhuman conditions of prison.

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