Attack in Solidarity with Amadeu Casellas, Barcelona (Catalunya)

5 October 2009 : Anarchist prisoner Amadeu Casellas is over 85 days in hungerstrike. Unknown rebels in Barcelona acting in solidarity with Amadeu have attacked the Catalan Police Force, Mossos D’Esquadra, who are known for their hatred of anarchists and the okupa (squatting) movement. Here is the communique used to claim the action:

“On the dawn of Monday 5 of October we decided to attack the Mossos. Amadeu, companion, we are with you. The situation: Carmel, workers district of Barcelona. The urbanistic chaos of the pro-Franco development policy created hundreds of districts like this, all decided by the state. Narrow streets, multiple stairs and drawing up roads without apparent order, with anticipation of that and knowledge of the terrain, it is a perfect scene for an ambush. The method: Containers burn in the street and a call warns the Mossos of the event. With luck a little patrol arrives at the place in 5 minutes. They get out of the car and they approach the containers and a rain of stones falls on them from a street that is at a level superior, to about 2 meters. The result: Both police agents flee terrified down the street looking for refuge. The windows of the patrol car are burst the same. The ingenuous security that characterizes them we saw once again cut short. One of the things that we can learn from our Greek friends is that with determination and creativity we can overcome any obstacle.

For the extension of the class struggle.

For the destruction of all prisons.”

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