Once again the Police show their true colors – Nicosia (Cyprus)

In the evening of 10th October (Saturday) like almost every Saturday of the past 6 months a street party was taking place at Phaneromenis Square. Never has there been any problem and people always had fun without them ending on a false note. The party was going well with over 200 people attending. People were dancing, laughing and having fun.

At some point people realized that 3 individuals in formal clothes were beating 2 young individuals who were on the ground. This took place in a corner in the courtyard of church. Flowingly, various people gathered to see what was going on. Subsequently the 3 individuals in formal clothes were proven to be policemen on duty… The people protested to the police officers for their use of violence against the young people who were obviously terrorized. These anything but polite officers were shouting: “each one should mind their own business”. Then aid from the riot police (MMAD) arrived. During the tension that existed they pulled and caught two individuals who were protesting. People started getting hit by batons, pulls and shoves, pepper sprays were used etc and the officers pulled another individual in. During this time the police forces were being multiplied and they accomplished to get out of the church’s courtyard having people in custody. Extensive clashes were followed along with barricades in the road in order for the police cars to be stopped. Certain individuals stood in front of a police car; however police officers came out and threw another individual in the car. A fifteen year old gild who was taking photos of the incident was isolated by secret policemen who forced her to erase all the photos that were taken. Two other underage girls were beaten pulling them from their hair and throwing them on the ground while shouting extremely sexist and provocative words.

A march to the Paphos Gate police station followed where the people who were arrested were taken. The entrance was blocked for a few minutes and the people in no way tried to enter the police station .Suddenly, in a demonstration of power, roughly 10 police cars rushed to the station having their sirens turned on and about 20 officers came out knocking without stopping anyone they found in front of them including minors. A horror stricken situation was created and two more individuals were pulled in the department. In total 6 individuals were captured. A lawyer arrived but he was not allowed to enter. There are a number of videos and photographs from that night which will most likely be published soon.

This is another incident of police savagery and arbitrariness which should not remain unanswered.

This Saturday 17/10/09 a street festival is being organized at Phaneromenis Square from 5pm with music, graffiti, and movie / video projections, juggling and other. Be there

Manolis is Alive

1. We claim one of the few squares that our city has. To create our own hangout place away from their profits, to build relationships between us. Relationships that are based on the person and not on the money.

2. We claim our entertainment. Our free entertainment, away from bars and clubs where somebody should spend up to 50 Euros each night for their entry and the drinks. Away from these social establishments, where the socialization is inconsequential and false. Where almost everything is predetermined and one should be “decent”, “well dressed”, “noble” etc.

3. We claim this public space in order to express our spontaneity that has been oppressed in the social establishments. We want to dance, to sing, to run, to drink, to paint, to climb. To allow life to lead us wherever it wants, away from social taboos and biases.

4. We claim the walls to express ourselves. To say all that is not said and to paint all that is not painted. Because poetry is found in the streets.

5. We claim respect to the space. To clean up by ourselves the mess we leave behind and not wait for others to do it for us. Respect to the space means respect to our own selves.

6. We reclaim the time that has been stolen from us by our routine. Every day our energy is sucked while we remain passive spectators resorting to false enjoyments and drugs like television, internet, gambling, alcohol and other substances legal or not.

7. We claim now and today. Neither tomorrow nor yesterday.


People from Manolis

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