Selex arms company attacked (UK)

5 November 2009 : Selex arms company attacked. Here is the claim: “This is the Fuck the War Coalition and we are bringing the war home to those who profit from imperialism. This morning we broke 10 windows on the Selex Galileo building. A spokesperson said “Corporations like Selex Galileo play a vital role in the military industrial complex. They have the blood of the innocent Afghani, Iraqi and Palestinian people who suffer at the hands of the capitalist system.” Another added “The war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with democracy, women’s rights, opium or the war on terror. Its about oil pipelines, making money for big corporations, and establishing permanent military bases near China, India and Pakistan. “Working class people from Scotland are joining the Army and getting killed in Afghanistan so that the bosses and shareholders of companies like Selex and BP can make more money.”


The Fuck The War Coalition does not exist, but is merely a name used by those taking action against the war machine. Property destruction and other acts of direct action have been claimed by the FTWC across the UK for the last two and a half years and will continue until global militarism has ceased. FTWC have attacked army recruitment centres, arms factories, and the American consulates and embassies.

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