Under night-time's lovely coat- Solidarity with anarchist Jonatan (Sweden)

This is the call for Revolutionary Solidarity with our Swedish anarchist comrade Jonatan and for all fighting prisoners! Please spread it and publish it on your websites, blogs and lists.


On the 14th of October 2008 the Swedish secret police SAPO raided 3 houses in different places in Sweden. They arrested the anarchist Jonatan and took different tools, political pamphlets, his computer and other personal stuff with them. After two months in custody he had his trial and was sentenced to about 15 Months in Prison, which he begins in October ’09. He is accused of three ELF-Actions.

“Urban Sprawl is the destruction of the natural world in order to expand the cities according to the ever-increasing mode of development and progress. Middle class villas, luxury mansions and industry are threatening wildlife and endangered
species, as this is present on a global scale, in every major or minor city, it is a threat to the continuation of life in this
planet. It must be therefore be met with no-compromising resistance! It must be destroyed!”

On the night between the 20th and the 21st if April 2008 ELF claimed responsibility for three actions in Almhult/Sweden. A communication tower connected to the Department of Defence infrastructure was sabotaged with a firebomb, a building crane in a urban-sprawlproject was sabotaged and a logging truck got its security ropes and hydraulic cables disabled. Nearly at the same time another ELF-cell has claimed responsibility for destroying a new luxury villa under
construction in the forest by arson. This action Jonatan was accused of, too. But the case was dropped.

Especially when comrades take action on their own, without a group or community around them and are faced with repression its more important then ever to show them that they are not alone! In this and other cases, for example in the case of Michel Sykes, a 17 year old North American anarchist comrade sentenced for different ELF actions against urban sprawl to up to 10 years in prison, we have to be there, not just waiting on the outside. We have to show that attacks by the state won’t crush our ideas and break us. It just gives us more rage and strength! But solidarity is not just mutual aid! Solidarity is a way to be a partner in struggle and crime, a way of showing your happiness about an action and deep affinity with a hostage of the state. Its not just about giving a comrade infrastructural help. Its about showing the incarcerated that she/he is not alone and that her/his struggle was just the beginning and will be continued
on the outside.

Build up Revolutionary Solidarity!

Let us make the time in prison for Jonatan and all the others as short as possible and fight for the freedom of all and against every kind of oppression! For social war, anarchy and total freedom!

Write letters of support and attack!

Jonatan Strandberg
BOX 248
593 23 Vastervik

Information and contact:
againstthewaiting.blogsport.de (coming soon!)

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