Anti-Fascist gets 20 years prison (Bulgaria)

Jock Palfreeman, a 23 year old Australian with British connections, who spent some time in Bristol, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison in Bulgaria on 2/12/09. He has been on remand at Sofia central prison for 2 years.

In Sofia in late December 2007 he intervened when he saw a gang of 15+ Bulgarian football hooligans, with undoubted neo-nazi tendencies, attack 2 Roma (gypsy) people. The gang then attacked Jock with lumps of concrete, and in self-defence he killed one and injured another. The dead man came from a well-known Bulgarian family with political connections.

2 years later after a long eventful trial with many dubious practices and a clear political flavour, Jock is found guilty in an obvious miscarriage of justice. Self-defence is no offence.

Details at http://www.freejock.net/ and our blog

We are awaiting a response from his campaign regards specifics that people could do to help. In the meantime familiarisation with the case, publicity, and letters of support to Jock will help.


ABC Bristol

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