Comrade from Hamburg in custody in Copenhagen (Denmark)

Our comrade Christian was arrested by civil cops at the resistance against the climate summit (COP15) in Copenhagen. He was sentenced to 3 weeks custody because he’s accused of §119 (violence against police), §134a (public unrest), §245 (violence of dagerous kind) and §291 (damaging of property).

The next court date will be the 4th January. Christian is held in Veastre prison Copenhagen. You can send solidarity mails and get information from ABC Copenhagen : info@blackcross.dk.

More people were sentenced to 3 weeks custody. Hopefully there’ll be more informations about them soon.
There were over 900 arrests on the 12th of December in Copenhagen. Most of them will be released soon.

Solidarity with Christian and all the other prisoners!

No Prison! No State!



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