2010 Winter Olympics approach (Canada)

From corporate media:

Guelph, Ontario – A 19-year-old woman faces assault charges after an Olympic torch carrier was knocked down in this southern Ontario city on Monday morning (28 December). The teenager has been charged with assault and is scheduled to appear in court in February. The flame was not extinguished during the incident, which happened before about 1,000 people gathered to watch the torch relay.

On Sunday, about 200 protesters made lots of noise but remained peaceful as the Olympic torch made its way into Kitchener. Protesters have met the torch on several other occasions. On Dec. 21, the relay was rerouted to avoid a protest by a splinter group of demonstrators at the Six Nations reserve near Brantford in southern Ontario. Band officials welcomed the torch, but the protesters felt the relay had no place on aboriginal land.

In Toronto the previous week, the route was also changed after aboriginal protesters took over a downtown intersection.
They chanted ”No Olympics on Stolen Land” – the rallying cry for those who maintain the Games are being held on unceded native land in British Columbia.

Earlier in Montreal, the arrival of the flame was delayed for an hour when about 100 people took over the stage set up in a square. The Olympic flame is passing through more than 1,000 communities on a 106-day journey before arriving in time for the Vancouver Games on Feb. 12.

A State/Police campaign of deportation, surveillance, harrassment and attempted intimidation is being conducted to protect the games of finance and imperialism.

In the run up to the Winter Olympics in Canada there has been the usual escalation of repression by the Canadian State against dissidents, which the US State has also participated in, to try to prevent cross-border anti-Olympic activity and growth of indigenous struggle and anti-capitalist resistance.

Spread resistance in solidarity with all those fighting the Olympic ‘Dream’ of colonialist aggression and capitalist imperialism!

Attack the games of control – Fight For Freedom!!

No 2010
No 2010 Winter Olympics on Stolen Native Land – Resist the 2010 corporate circus in Canada. Great website with action news, links, publications and more.

ABC Vancouver

Vancouver cell of the Anarchist Black Cross.

Our Freedom

Honour Anna Mae Pictou Aquash and Harriet Nahanee / Free John Graham and Leonard Peltier.

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