Update on International hunger strike of prisoners in struggle

Pickets and demos outside jails will be taking place in the next few days and over New Year’s Eve in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland in solidarity with the strikers and all prisoners.

Reports of solidarity actions are breaking and numerous, here are a few:

Athens, Greece : Conspiracy of Cells of Fire claim National Bank bombing

Thessaloniki, Greece : Arson against 3 vehicles of the municipal authorities

Seville, Spain : Chilean consulate attacked with fire

Santiago, Chile : Around 7 people were arrested and 2 “Carabineros” (Military Police) injured at a demo in Santiago. According to Chilean press there were around 70 people at the demo, which was organised in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in Europe and Chile itself. 2 Chilean anarchists, Matías Castro and Pablo Carvajal, are under “preventative arrest” since September after an arson attack at a police station and have both joined the hunger strike. The “Carabineros” Special Force intervened to stop the demo and 2 of them were injured. Buildings and cars were also damaged.

Chile : Bombing claimed: Seasons greetings, Banco Santander

From Hommodolars Contrainformación translated by This is Our Job

December 26, 2009

Sent via e-mail

“Tonight, we’d like to salute Banco Santander as yet another partner in consumerism and misery, and we wish them a most catastrophic 2010.

Merry Christmas, bourgeoisie!!!!!!

Vengeance for our comrade prisoners in this social war, which is only apparent to those who consider themselves warriors against the everyday, against the existent, without forgetting for one second how surrounded we are by the enemy. Complicity with those who feel the severity of repression. Greetings to Gabriel, Pablo, Matias, Marco, Marcelo, Esteban, Axel, Flora, Marcelo, Fredy, Cristian, Zisarro, Cejita, and all the world’s prisoners, who―limited by prison―still continue the constant rupture with everything that stinks of power.

And for the destruction of authority and all institutional society, fire to the state, the jails, and the jailers!

While there is misery, there will be rebellion!”

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