Soli-website for eco-saboteur Jonatan online (Sweden)


Jonatan is in a closed prison far away from his comrades, friends and supporters now. He really needs support. His mood is changing a lot and sometimes its hard for him to stand the isolation and loneliness. We also would like you all to maybe think of sending him something these days. He won’t get a lot visitations in this time.

If you send him books, make sure that there is nothing written by hand in it. Also if you send him CDs they have to be original otherwise he won’t get them.

Jonatan is interested in (green) anarchism, anti-civ theory, indigenous struggles… the wild. He likes music of all kind (from HC to HipHop, Drum and Bass,Folk…). He’ll be also really happy about posters and flyer from the resistance on the outside…

Nothing forgiven – no-one forgotten!
For anarchy,social war and total liberation!
with love and rage

ABC-Orkan (anarchist black cross group from northern germany)

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