Liberation for Palestine – Solidarity with the Gaza 72 (UK)

During 27th December to 18th January 2009, the brutal Israeli attack against the people of Gaza took place. The terroristic and fascist nature of this murderous act is well known, and many people of the United Kingdom protested and agitated against this brutal war-crime in several demos across the country, like many people all over the globe. These demos, particularly in London, were marked by serious police violence and media distortion, as the usual A-B marches were animated by angry scenes marking a change in the theatre of “anti-war” demonstrations organised and dominated by the larger left-socialist, pacifist and religious groups. There existed a common propensity for attacking the police and property not seen for some time on mass demos in London, due to existing British policing methods and left-political manipulations. This was an important development and is a sign of the tension building for a larger social clash in the near future, caused by the imperialistic manoeuvres of the UK State and the racist and servile atmosphere which is being brewed in the mass media.

The British State aims to breed a resurgence of popular nationalism aiming to socially repress all those that fight against the global war machine, it has to be answered with escalated solidarity and resistance against capital.

In the wake of these disturbances the Metropolitan Police began a systematic campaign of raids, harassment and terror against those they believed responsible for the attack they suffered during those days. A total of 93 people were arrested, and 72 charged, kept incommunicado from solicitors and subjected to physical and psychological abuse, some also had threats made against their immigration status. Most of the arrested were young Asians below the age of 19, with some as young as 12 years old. Almost all have now been charged with “violent disorder”, which can have a 5 year tariff, and 3 people (2 women and one man aged 18 to 20) have www.propecia-finasteride-buy.com already been jailed for between 15 and 20 months for allegedly breaking the window of a Starbucks on 16th January 2009.

50 of these people have plead guilty to various charges, mostly ‘violent disorder’, despite lack of evidence, due to the repressive, terroristic methods of the police. The legal process for these defendants starts the 12th February at Isleworth Court, the process looks like it aims to be a set-piece example on how the British establishment treats anyone who challenges the ‘special relationship’ Israel and Britain enjoy. The Israeli Lobby is an acknowledged powerful and corrupt force in British politics which can bear no opposition nor criticism, this is not about ‘public disorder’, this is about keeping a growing number of people in check for the purposes of maintaining foreign relations, the ‘war on terror’ and the ‘golden status’ Israel enjoys as a supplier of military and information technology to repressive regimes worldwide.

The mass-media and the organisations of the Left play their respective parts in the same strategy of containment which is available to the capitalist system. The Left and pacifist organisations have repeatedly shown themselves incapable of prisoner solidarity, with a serious lack of initiative and responsibility in looking after the people on their demonstrations. These organisations are out-of-date and useless in terms of agitation and social change, they exist to defuse conflict through means of political negotiation, and it is no surprise that these defendants have received little support from the Left. These organisations are unprepared for dealing with the necessary occurrence of street-fighting, which is one of the few long-known and historically valid methods available to all people who are sick of the torture and genocide caused by state violence.

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Liberation for Palestine – Freedom for All

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