Community resistance discussion against Mega Dam project (Philippines)

Roundtable Discussion : The Mindanao Looming Energy Needs: Mega Dams and the Escalating Community

A rountable discussion of local community resistance (The Menovu-Pulangiyen and Menovo-Dungguanen tribes of Southern Bukidnon) against proposed Pulangi V Hydro-Electric Project was held on Friday, February 12, 2010 in
Kibawe, Southern Bukidnon, Mindanao.

Entitled “The Mindanao Looming Energy Needs : Mega Dams and the Escalating Community Resistance” the sucessful gathering envisioned further enhancement of community struggle for self-determination, linkaging network of resistance and defending tribal sacred land and culture against corporate intrusion and eco-profiteers.

The event was spearheaded by NATABUKFed, a federation of southern Menovu tribe in Bukidnon in the forefront of defending their land from development aggression.

Participated on the discussion includes council of elders from Natabuk Fed, tribal leaders-Datu’s and Bai from different communities living along Pulangi River that might be affected by the Megadam project, concerned networks of social and environmental organizations from different places and few media links.

The activity opened and ended by traditional tribal ritual.

The proposed Pulangi V Hydro dam is the biggest in Mindanao. The project is expected to kick-off by 2010 generated strong opposition from the indigenous peoples which would submerge their entire ancestral domain.

The Pulangi V Mega Dam in Damulog, Bukidnon will inundate vast tracts of land, including those the tribes consider as their ancestral domain. To be affected by biggest hydro-dam in Mindanao are the municipalities of Damulog, Kibawe, Dangcagan, Kitaotao, Quezonand Pres. Roxas of North Cotabato. The dam is expected to generate at least 300 megawatts and would inundate 22 barangays in seven municipalities of Bukidnon and Cotabato provinces.

Under the guise of looming energy crises, the FIBECO ( First Bukidnon Electric Cooperative) in partnership with Greenenergy Development Corporation (main proponents of the megadam project) is strengthening its campaign in the area to put up the said dam despite the strong opposition of the Manobo Tribe.

Few Datas: (Sources from Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center- CDO)

Mindanao Energy Needs :

• 60% hydro dependent
• 36 hydro projects (proposed plan)
• 12 are in Mindanao, 6 large and 6 mini hydros
• Bukidnon needs 30 MW

Mega Dam- Mega Structure :

• 142 meters- tallest in Mindanao
• reservoir will inundate 22 Barangays
• More than 60,000 hectares of forests and highly agri-land are affected
• Can generate 348 Megawatts
• Biggest Man-Lake in Mindanao

“IMPAMULANGI” Pulangi River :

• The biggest tributary to Rio Grande Mindanao
• Biggest watershed in Mindanao
• It is a sacred river to the tribe
• Most of the Southern Menovu tribe are living within the river

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