News from Val Susa (Italy)

Val Susa February 2010

The TAV (high speed railway project), which poses a devastating risk to the beautiful Val Susa region (northern Italy) and aims at satisfying businessmen’s needs, had been stopped by widespread popular protests in 2005. The current Italian government is determined to build the infrastructure necessary to the project. Numerous actions and demonstrations against the TAV are therefore taking place in Val Susa in these days.

One of these demos was brutally attacked by the police on February 17 2010 in Coldimosso: a comrade from Turin was hit on the head and lost consciousness and a woman was also violently beaten. As the police prepared themselves to hide their violence by interfering with medical reports, the comrades prevented the cops from taking the wounded away.

The comrade with a head injury was taken to the Molinette hospital in Turin with a suspected brain haemorrhage. He remains in serious but not life-threatening conditions. Digos officers tried to ‘visit’ him but the comrades forced them out of the hospital.

The day after, in solidarity with the struggle in Val Susa, anarchists blocked the vans carrying La Stampa daily to its newsagents for one and a half hour. This newspaper gives voice to the powerful of the TAV and is responsible for their incessant pro-TAV propaganda. Some of the van drivers showed solidarity to the comrades until anti-riot police arrived on the spot to restore order and to allow La Stampa being distributed.

Slogans highlighting the similarities between cops and journalists were spray painted in the area.

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