Political raids in Turin against Anti-Racists (Italy)

Turin, February 23 2010: police raids against antiracism and solidarity

On February 23 Digos officers searched dozens of houses of comrades in Turin and in other locations in northern Italy, on order of public prosecutor Padalino. Six comrades were arrested (three are now in prison and three under house arrest) and many others had their home invaded by agents in uniform who seized computers, mobile phones and boxes of paper. The accusation justifying this big police operation is, as usual, that of conspiracy, which allows the cops to arrest comrades accused of nothing more than… their antiracist activity!

As police reports state, in fact, the accusations against the comrades are linked to public initiatives, gatherings, actions in the streets and in the piazzas, distributions of leaflets; all things aiming at breaking the silence surrounding the widespread racism and security delirium typical of today’s Italy.

For those who haven’t noticed it yet, concentration camps can be found all over Italy, where women and men are locked up, whose only ‘crime’ being to have managed to flee their countries without drawing like hundreds of other migrants. Raids and deportations compel the inhabitants of poor neighbourhoods to live as clandestine and, most worryingly, to surrender and accept more and more miserable living and working conditions. ‘Italians’, on their part, seem unable to do anything but grasping the scanty privileges that an agonising capitalism has left to them, as they are being brainwashed by an incessant racist propaganda that instigates fear and stirs a war among the exploited.

This police operation is the nth attempt, this time carried out in a sensational way, to silence those who have not resigned to fear, those who still dare practise solidarity against exploitation and to shout it aloud in the silence. The accusations, as we said, are based on the solidarity that the investigated comrades are guilty of having expressed towards migrants in struggle, a tireless and furious struggle going on in the CIEs (immigration detention centres) of the country, and, in this particular case, in the CIE of Corso Brunelleschi, Turin.

It is not by chance that in the context of this operation, police also raided the site of Radio Black Out, the only free radio in the airwaves of Turin, from whose microphones some of the arrested antiracists used to speak; a radio which, in spite of everything, has given voice to the many struggles disturbing Turin’s passivity and indifference, from those of migrants to those of students, from those of workers to those of NO TAV activists. It is not surprising, therefore, that the powerful of Turin and their cops are annoyed and frightened at the noise of the battle waged against them; and they are trying to hit those who have never concealed their determination to blow in the fire of revolt in order to feed the few but proud signals of life in a deadly city.


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