About the arrests in Berlin : Mid-February 2010 (Germany)

Four friends and a car. Wednesday night around 2am, Berlin, district of Mitte.

We will not make it home tonight, other people made plans for our evening. Which ones those are, we will experience in the near of Rosa Luxemburg Platz – as we are going to drive away with the green light, a car of the PMS (the police department responsible for political motivated violence) stops our way putting herself in front of our car, while other police cars close our car from the other sides. We will get thrown out of our car with screams, on the ground, handcuffed and encircled by excited cops, happy enough to have caught us.

All the situation reminds more a bad version of CSI Miami…as life would not be exciting…Without any declarations we will be brought in different riot vans and police cars and driven towards the district of Pankow. The Ossietzky street comes out to be our final destination. As we get there, the theatre goes on: slowly, dozens of excited cops begin to pop up, among them several from the LKA (Land Criminal Office), who search the park and the parked cars with dogs, looking for some kind of traces. However, later on it will look like as they would have to feel satisfied just with having their hands full of snow.

We will remain there on the spot for over two hours, without knowing what is all this fuss about. A bored riotcop declared finally to some of us how we would be suspected of „having committed a crime – arson on a car“. At the beginning the cops look like as they would have good mood. Later it will change: whether cars have been arsoned, nor any crime has been committed in the area. On top of this, we and our car are clean like freshly fallen snow.

Nevertheless we will be brought to the main police station, divided from each other. There, one will not merely take our identities, as the newspapers wrote.

Until 3pm we will not be able to know what our accusations are.

The grey cops working there share all the same opinion: the omnipotent people from the criminal office are the ones responsible for letting us know which are the accusations against us – therefore they consequently refuse to say a word about that. About the so-called „Right“ to make a phonecall, they are not aware, as normal in the police station, therefore we are not surprised.

Indeed we never believed in the State of Right.

Around 2pm we will be brought to the LKA 533 (the department of the criminal office responsible for arson and explosives, as one poster hanging on the walls of the bureau clarifies: a masked up military policeman holding an handgranade). There, they will try to interrogate us.

We refuse to make any declarations, we do not sign anything and we finally get to know which are our accusations.

Since we all get interrogated separately, each of us will get to hear a different one: from „suspected of arranging an appointment in order to commit an arson on a car“ to „suspected of arranging an appointment for committing a crime – an arson against the national academy for security politics“ (note: located there in the Ossietzky street).

Around 4pm we will be let out.

On the following day, the usual newspapers begin to publish their propaganda: the well known Andreas Kopietz from the Berliner Zeitung, who in the past has always been in the first in line when it was about throwing shit on houseprojects or people active in the autonomous/anarchist scene, he will be the very first one who will write about the happenings.

The Tagesspiegel and the BZ will merely reproduce the tone of this article. Here the role of the press appears clear once again: they keep alive a hysteria against everything and everyone who act against the State Order, for a world to be ruled by solidarity, free from domination.

Indeed the cops will be thanked to have caught four dangerous autonomen who surely wanted to undertake a violent attack and probably are also responsible for all the others.

You are forgetting though to remind how we are responsible as well for the earthquake in Haiti, the growing unemployment in Berlin and all the cases of death related to the frozen streets.

Just to be precise, Ladies and Gentlemen from the press…

After the cops declared in a first moment how we wanted to burn down a car, now they are sure how we wanted to burn down the national academy for security politics: that is why we checked out that area.

Finally one tries to put us in connection with other militant direct actions which took place against State institutions and/or ones responsible for inner and foreign security politics of this State (note: in the articles we will be put in connection with several direct actions which took place in the last months, often arsons and with explosive devices).

All the events gain even more charme since some of us live in well known houseprojects of this city, such like the Köpi and the Rigaer94, who never made a mistery of their irreconcilability with the present conditions.

On top of this, following their description we are also already well-known to the autorithies – it seems like a perfect mix, isn`t it?

Indeed all the situation appears to be of high interest for the authorities. In the newspapers one writes how they believe to finally have found out a trace for several direct actions.

The enemies are once again the ones who live in the houseprojects.

In times of ongoing debacles, not existing proofs, frustration in regards to present and past investigations and a high pressure to bring there some results, bad titles in the press and a sharpening of the social conflicts in the city along a continous arise of actions which do not reconignize any given legal border, any small thing becomes all of the sudden interesting for the repressive authorities.

Just like four friends in a car on a Wednesday evening.

This (still) small episode shows also what kind of climate dominates the city: if not long ago it was enough to wear so-called „scene-clothes“ and to move around in so-called „scene-districts“, in order to get arrested since by chance a car just got torched or a bank got smashed (note: we refer here to several cases, the youngest being Alex, Christoph and Tobias), now it is enough to have been „suspect of arranging an appointment in order to committ a crime“ in order to play the cowboys.

Therefore we would like to warn everybody to keep their eyes and ears open, without letting themselves be intimidated.

This episode will not be the last one and it gives as well a taste of what could expect us during the next times.

So let us be prepared to consequently send back any possible intimidation attempts to the ones who send them.

We did not get knocked down neither from the bad food delivered by Sodexo (they deliver the police stations), nor the arrogance or the bad jokes of the repressive authorities.

Our joy to struggle for a world free from exploitation and domination keeps going without any restrictions.

The Four from the Fiat Fiorino

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