More protests and revolts in migrant detention centres (Italy & Spain)

Gradisca, Italy, 14th March
An afternoon of tension in Gradisca’s detention centre. After a few hours of being locked in their cells without an explanation the detainees started a protest and decided to refuse their meals which the guards wanted to put through the doors “as if we’re dogs”. The guards raided all the cells, and caused more protests followed. The situation got calmer only around 9pm, when the detainees told the guards “See you tomorrow”.

Ponte Galeria, Italy,14th March
The detainees declared a hunger strike.

Aluche, Spain, 12th March

“I’m racist and I want to send you back to your fucking country, bastard”, is what a policeman said to an Angolan migrant before kicking him in the belly and putting him into a straitjacket because he refused to get on the boat (to be deported). The detainee was sent back to Aluche’s detention centre in a semi-conscious state, to be then taken to a hospital a few hours later. He already had a serious disease.

Within hours, Aluche was on fire. The detainees set things on fire in several cells. From the streets voices could be heard shouting “Fire!!” and “Tell outside what happens in here!”, while the fire alarm kept going on and on and the detainees banged on the windows.

“Some mattresses have burned, paper and other things. I can’t take it any more. The police have beaten us up, but I’m ok”, a detainees says. According to some relatives, the detainees will have another hunger strike to protest against “the racist, humiliating and harrassing treatment they’ve been getting daily in the last 3 years. A treatment that goes against all human rights”.

Last month there had already been other protests and riots with the police, with many detainees injured.

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