Pigs, Nazis and repression- AntiFa demo in Bialystok (Poland)

On 24th of April 2010 at 2 PM by the St. Roch church there was supposed to be an anti-fascist demonstration. The increased activity of police was observed in the city from the early morning hours. Around noon the groups of fascists started to cruise around the streets of the city. About 1 PM fascists gathered in the group of approximately 30-40 persons at the assembly point of the demonstration.

Some of them were chased away by the anti-fascists whilst those who tried to hide in the neighboring blocks of flats were detained by the police. By each of detained fascists police found at least one knife!!! It is worth mentioning here that the local neo-fascists are well known for using knifes while attacking foreigners, anti-fascists and football fans. A young supporter of Jagiellonia Białystok – Adrian, who had been murdered a few years ago may be an example.

During the meeting near the church of St Roch a short fight between fascists from Blood & Honour (B&H) and activists heading to the assembly point took place. The neo-fascists attacked people going to the demonstration but they were repulsed, and only the fast intervention of the police saved them from the lynch. In the time of 30 seconds (!) the police went into action arresting everybody who was in the vicinity at the time. Police cordoned off all the people that were gathered at the place of demonstration even though it was several dozens meters form where the incident took place, and they disbanded the demonstration before it even started. All the people were detained, handcuffed and took to the yard of the local ‘prevention’. During that police kept beating and offending the detained people, they also ascribed items found on the streets to the accidental persons, made up stories than never took place such as – ‘he attacked the policeman’ etc.

The majority of the detained anti-fascists (70 to 100 persons according to different estimates) were taken to one place. There, most of them were put at the yard and surrounded by the police. Three arrested neo-fascists from the Blood & Honour group with injured heads got off one of the police cars. Artur Wysocki pseudonym Wiatrak and Marcin Łukaszuk were recognized among them. It was easy to notice that they enjoyed privileges that were not available for the rest of detained people. They greeted some of the policemen by the handshake, they could smoke cigarettes, move freely at the yard, they also watched with the policemen the mobile phones taken away from the anti-fascists. One of the highly placed policemen was taking photos of the anti-fascists with his private mobile phone and showed them to the fascists from B&H. All anti-fascists had to prove their identity, they were searched and filmed. 13 persons were read out and taken to the police station.

These were completely random people who seemed more suspicious because: They wanted the rights to be respected and demanded that loudly, they had with them pepper sprays or the anti-fascists banners. The rest of the detained were accused of not dispersing on the police demand and they were given fines. Some of them refused to accept the fines, because nobody called them to leave the place of a legal demonstration, and what is more, police blocked people in the way they could not move freely and leave the place. At the police station the protocols of search and arrest of 13 anti-fascists were drawn up. All of those 13 people were put in custody. They were interrogated the next day. They were charged with participation in a fight in a public place and released on bail of different amounts. The prosecutor applied also the police supervision over them.

The support is needed.

Because of the charges against anti-fascists the financial resources for the legal aid will be needed. Since there are 13 (!) persons accused and the legal consequences may be very serious as the mentioned charge is punishable even by 8 years of imprisonment we have to collect a considerable amount of money. We count on solidarity of all people supporting our activities. In this way we can also show how numerous and strong we are and join actively in the anti-fascists movement Let’s organize benefit concerts, events, parties and whatever else comes to your mind!

Please transfer the collected means to the account below:
BZWBK SA 50 1090 1447 0000 0001 0910 8536

Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Społecznych Ulica, ul. Pułaskiego 21a,

Poznań, POLAND


Transfer title: “pomoc prawna”

Thank you very much for your help on the behalf of the accused persons.
Antifa – Polska

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