Barangay Anislagan Farmers call for action against Philex (Philippines)


The Lower Anislagan Farmers Irrigators Association, Inc. (LAFIA) of Barangay Anislagan, Placer Surigao Del Norte, and Sta. Cruz Farmers Irrigators Association Inc. (SFIA) Sta. Cruz, Placer, Surigao Del Norte is non stock, non-profit organization of small farmers and landowners being gravely affected by the mining operations of Silangan Mindanao Mining Company, Inc. (SMMCI) of Philex Mining Corporation- a Canadian-based multinational.

Since the drilling operations of the Mining Company started, their farms and rice fields have been destroyed. Their river systems have been contaminated with chemicals that the mining dump from their tailing ponds and their water system has been diluted by eroded soil thereby causing pollution to their farms. The local farmers doubt the quality of their farm produce if the mining operation will continue. Worst, their incomes from their farming activities have decreased and seriously depleted, making their agricultural sector very vulnerable and in grave danger.


The residents of Barangay Anislagan, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Barangay Bad-as, and Barangay Bugas-Bugas, Placer Surigao Del Norte register their opposition to all Mining Exploration and Drilling Activities, or other related mining operations in their Barangay, by any mining company because of the following reasons, to wit:

– The mining operations would destroy their ecological environment especially the water source protected area- their source of drinking water, not only in Anislagan but including the neighbouring Barangays of Sta. Cruz, Bad-as, Bugas-Bugas, and Municipality of Placer, Surigao Del Norte, Farm irrigation and other household needs.

– This would pose danger to their lives, houses and farms during heavy downpours and floods.

– The mining activities would pave way for more intensive mining activities which will result more destruction to the people’s farming and other livelihood activities and would endanger lives because of consequences from toxic chemicals.

– Mining activities would destroy the general environment of the Barangay and the neighbouring human settlement.

The Anislagan Bantay Kalikasan Task Force (ABAKATAF) is composed of different sectors from Barangay Anislagan. It includes Barangay officials, farmers, women, youth, and parishioners of different churches. The group spearheaded the anti-mining during the expansion of the mining area of Manila Mining Corporation (MMC) in 2002. It was also during that year that ABAKATAF was formally organized.

The main objective of the group is to protect the watershed which provides potable water not only to Barangay Anislagan but to the entire municipality of Placer.

ABAKATAF, which represents and empowers the community to be the forefront in defending its watershed and land, envisions the entire village as a mining-free agricultural village and a major supplier of potable water and
irrigations to the entire town of Placer.

The ongoing drilling activities of Philex Mining Corporation- a Canadian based multinational in the area of Barangay Timamana, Tubod Surigao Del Norte, affected its adjacent village, Anislagan especially among its farmers.

Last May 10, 2009, the people of Barangay Anislagan conducted an ocular on the area where the company’s drilling activity was situated. Upon their observation, the creek, which was also the source of drinking water of farmers, is no longer potable. What used to be their clean and safe water is now black, muddy and can be assumed hazardous.

Barangay Anislagan Resistance to Philex Mining (Philippines)

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