Letter by Michal Pawlak from Koridallos Prison (Greece)

Update: Michal Pawlak has been released on bail pending trial.

Michal Pawlak is a comrade from Poland that was arrested on December 6th , 2009 during the demonstrations for the one year since Alexis murder and the uprising that followed. He has remained in prison awaiting trial ever since. As is usual he has been accused by the cops based on unsubstantiated and circumstantial evidence, as for example his t-shirt that had some anti-cop slogan written on it. On June 1st Michal stood in front of the board of judges who will decide in the next couple of weeks whether his imprisonment will be continued. At the same time the cops-murderers of Alexis have been set free until the end of their trial as due to a load of legal tricks their 18th month pre-trial detention expired before a court ruling on their case. Even though their imprisonment will in no way give us a sense that “justice has been served” or extinguish our rage against all those who destroy our lives, nonetheless if this example serves as anything it is to remind us who the so-called justice system is here to protect.

Letter by Michal Pawlak from Koridallos Prison

We are the ones they call terrorists, enemies of society, immoral, pure evil. These are the opinions fabricated by the mass media that push forward their dirty propaganda, that are totally controlled by those swindlers in power, that exist only to slander and throw mud at struggles and to prepare the elections. Their only objective is to take away our freedom and all our moments of joy. We will block all their attempts. We fight for the truth that has absolutely no relation with that truth promoted by those fat cheap skates that enthrone themselves in the parliament arm chairs. For this reason we are a threat to them, they fear us and send their armed servants against us. They also have another problem and that is that we have no fear but we have solidarity which means that if one of us is behind bars at the same moment there will be at least another three that will attack attempting to destroy all states.

There are people that every day have to face the lack of necessities for themselves and their families because some others are having holidays with the money they have stolen from them. People that at every step they make are watched by surveillance cameras. People that are fired from their jobs. Some of us can’t put up with this system’s oppression and we take to the streets fighting for our ideas, our dignity, our freedom, for all those things they want to seize from us.

We are strong enough to resist the brunt of their attacks and fabrications. No one can stop us on our road to revolution.
Μichal Pawlak

April 9th 2010, Koridallos Prisons

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Michal Pawlak
A’ Pteriga
Filakes Koridallou
Koridallos, Athens

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