Florence: On State Terrorism and Some Subversives on Trial (Italy)

The Italian media repeat the same refrain: your life is under threat, you must be scared. The ideology of security places all of us in a world of ghosts. Punks, foreigners, vandal kids are other actors in this comedy of horror. Journalists recruited by various bosses instil the fear of the diverse and encourage the lynching of the poor. The victims of this murderous ideology follow one another like in a war bulletin: extremely overcrowded jails, murders committed by cops, torture in police stations, detention camps for immigrants, fascist aggressions. No surprise, then, if the journalists of capital yell the need for security and their desire for cameras in every street and soldiers in every piazza.

It is them, the bosses, who need security. This rotten society, where millions of people do not even have the certainty to make ends meet, generates anger against the responsible of the generalized disaster: politicians and capitalists. Social control, therefore, is the last resource left to this totalitarian democracy in the hands of multinationals. There’s nothing else they can offer.

Rightwing politicians invoke the use of truncheons, whereas the leftists make appeal to an abstract legality. On the one hand, businessmen and administrators ‘s financial crimes are tolerated; on the other, there is no mercy towards all the poor and undesirable, “criminals” guilty of passing a border without documents, of occupying empty buildings, of selling counterfeit goods. And sometimes – which is even worse! – guilty of organising themselves in order to struggle against the arrogance of the powerful engaged in a total war on everything that smells freedom and life.

As a consequence, the gang of the PD [the major centre-left political party] in Florence threaten the eviction of all occupied spaces and call upon the police to suppress all those passionate people who cannot resign to the dirty games of power, such as the clearance sale of public spaces, the eco-devastation aimed at high speed railway projects, the construction of a new immigration detention centre. Great transformations and huge interests, which need the elimination of the poor, the subversive and the angry people. On July 1 2010, in Florence, a jury will decide whether to charge with conspiracy (subversive association) some of these angry people.

Accused of committing a series of actions, occupation of buildings and non-authorized demonstrations, 19 anarchist comrades risk a trial based on the anti-terrorism law: the infamous article 270bis of the Italian penal code, which has allowed the State to lock up its sworn enemies on a number of occasions.
Beyond penal codes, tribunals and laws created to divide, criminalize and dominate the exploited, we re-confirm what we have always said: the real terrorists are those who terrorise in order to preserve power and profit.



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