Molotovs against Russian Embassy in Minsk (Belarus)

30 August 2010

“On the evening of 30.08.2010 a group of anarchists have attacked by Molotov cocktails Russian embassy in Minsk. One of the diplomat cars was burnt. By this action we express our fury and protest to the arrests and repressions against defenders of Khimki forest in Moscow.

While our friends are beaten up by fascist mercenaries, riot police are pressing and arresting innocent people – treats and arrests became everyday routine. Our friends now have to suffer in jails or live in fear to be imprisoned just because they fight for freedom, people and environment.

But bureaucrats and capitalists care just for their bribes and profits, they don’t care what happens tomorrow, they are ready to abolish every protest or disagreement with cruelty. What comes next – the death squads?

We declare solidarity with our comrades and support only method of direct action, because government are afraid of power only and nothing else.

It is really funny to read some comments on Internet forums. Both clans, called “Government of Republic of Belarus” and “Government of Russian Federation” disgust us. Poor workers of both countries never take any benefit from this fighting for power. It is foolishly to imitate politicians. People, come to your senses! Is it really impossible to explain any act of protest by theories of conspiracy? We meet stealing and humiliation every day – but around there are only fear in the eyes and whisper in the kitchens. It is time to summon our forces and believe that we are worthy of a better life.

Free all imprisoned comrades! Stop political repressions! Down with officials, gangsters and policemen!

Human rights and social justice!”

This action was met by the authorities with a repressive wave here is the information:

Sept. 3 about 6 o’clock in the morning seven non-government activists were arrested by law enforcement bodies of Belarus. Six of them are held 38 hours in custody in the detention center of Minsk. The detainees were interrogated about their involvement in the pelting Molotov cocktails at the embassy of Russia in Minsk. Young people jointly rent an apartment in one district of Minsk. At 6-20 am a doorbell rang , one of the young men opened the door and law enforcement officers in civilian clothes immediately burst in the apartment.

All were present at the time in the apartment were taken to GUBOP Interior Ministry for questioning, the apartment was searched, five computers, two laptops, mobile phones, money, posters and magazines were confiscated. One of the detainees had been interrogated as a witness in a criminal case of an attack on the embassy of Russia and released about 19 hours. Another six people – Bogachek Igor, Khotina Valeria, Slusar Serge, Dedok Nicholas, Zhingerovsky Alexei and Franzkevich Alexander – are still in the detention center of Minsk in the street Okrestsin.
Relatives and friends are not able to contact them. The maximum period of detention without charge in Belarus is 72 hours.

September 4, another activist was detained, his apartment was also searched. After the interrogation the detainee was released.

Still unknown the location of missing Anton Kalenkovich.

Additional Information: minsksolidarity(at)riseup.net


info about first day you can find there: https://belarus.indymedia.org/20684

Seven “we” about seven detainees

Evening of September, 7 some internet media (such as BELTA Belarusian telegraph agency) have published information according to which in the flat of the detained anarchists ostensibly «were found and extracted patrons, plant-based drugs, masks with slots for eyes, literature promulgating the ideas of anarchism».

We, the friends of those arrested, assert with dead certainty this information is a cynical lie, an attempt to blow out the interest of society to this case by presenting detained activists as trivial criminals or inadequate persons.

We note that information in media concerning our friends is changing everyday . At first, they were accused of the attack on the Russian Embassy, now they are suspected in copartnership in attempts of damaging property of the Belarusbank branch bank and the House of Trade Unions in Minsk on April, 30. What accusation will be next?

We also don’t understand how «the masks with slots for eyes, literature promulgating the ideas of anarchism» can be a proof of our friends’ conspiracy to the damaging property of the Belarusbank branch bank and the House of Trade Unions. We demand facts.

We demand the law-enforcement agencies to delate concerning whom a criminal case in illicit trafficking in drugs is commenced.

We are absolutely sure: seven detainees had nothing to do with drugs, they did not use, keep, produce or distribute them. Instead of this, they led a healthy way of life and went in for sports, promoted student self-government at their universities, were concerned about conflicts at factories, ecological problems, human rights and free access to information.

We think the reason for their detention is their views and convictions. Being non-indifferent to the problems of society, they were not afraid to express their opinions, opposite to the official ones. Only because of this they became known to the secret service but not because for what they are accused now.

Friends and relatives of those arrested

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