4 Comrades on hunger-strike demanding transfer! (Chile)

CHILE – 4 comrades on hunger strike, demanding immediate transfer from Santiago 1 to CAS (high security prison). Vinicio Carlo Aguilera Mery, anarchist political prisoner and one of the hunger-strikers, wrote this following letter:

(Translated from: Culmine)

24/09/2010 – Hello everybody, today, 24 September, the four of us: Felipe Guerra, Camilo Pérez, Carlos Rivero and Vinicio Aguilera found ourselves in a situation that, although it seems impossible, is worse than before.

Yesterday we were suddenly pulled out of our cells in the MAS (high security module) with no explanation and forced to take our things. Only then did we realize that this was a transfer. Uncertainty about the reasons and destination. We imagined a transfer to the CAS (high security prison), and instead we were transferred no less than to Santiago 1 jail.

After several hours waiting for the paperwork, we arrived at the death camp of capital, received by hostile prison guards and even more hostile prisoners. To strike us even more, to try to break our will, we were assigned to separate sections, adding to our growing anxiety the uncertainty of not knowing whether the others are all right.

For these reasons, dear comrades, we have decided that starting from now -24 September 2010 – we are going on hunger strike demanding to be transferred to the CAS or the MAS, because in these torture facilities our security cannot be guaranteed. We urge the support of all comrades, both outside and inside inside the repressive walls of the capitalist prisons, in order to achieve our aim.

Capital, personified by prosecutor Peña, maybe thinks that with this dirty game they will be able to weaken our spirit. But we do not falter, we will rise up more firmly than ever to withstand the blows launched in this witch hunt, materialized in a court case with no hard evidence (existing only in the fantasy of attorney).

I wonder: what does this cursed dwarf want? (An allusion to the stature of the attorney – translator’s note). I guess they expect that, having no more strength, we will give in to his pressure and confess to acts that have nothing to do with us. But his efforts will not produce the desired results and we will resist his attacks, until the truth falls with all its weight on this pack of lies and we walk “free” on the streets again.

I send a cordial greeting, many hugs to all political prisoners and ask for your support in this effort.

Greetings from Vinicio Carlo Aguilera Mery,
Anarchist Political Prisoner hostage in the capital in the prison of Santiago 1

Also adhering to this statement:

Carlos Rivero Luttgue, Anarchist Political Prisoner
Felipe Guerra Guajardo, Antiauthoritarian Political Prisoner
Camilo Pérez Tamayo, Anarchist Political Prisoner

Call for International Solidarity to Comrades in Chile

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