Letter from Maria Beraha (Greece)

Update: Maria is called again to appear on the 11 November 2010.

On Monday 25th of October the special interrogator D.Mokkas sent me “CALL OF ACCUSED” to testify on Monday 1st of November “for the punishable act of entering as a member in the terrorist organization named “REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE” the same call was also received by Nikos Malapanis, who happens to be our best man (of our wedding. ed)

Kostas Gournas, who together with Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis has taken the political responsibility for participating in the Revolutionary Organization “Revolutionary Struggle” (while their co-accused V.Stathopoulos, S.Nikitopoulos, Ch.Kortesis deny participation), is my partner and father of our two 22month old children.

My partner, after being tortured in gada (greek police h/q), following his arrest, was imprisoned in Trikala prisons. Since october 9th he is on hunger strike in koridallos prisons, together with N.Maziotis (while other prisoners in solidarity deny prison food) demanding the self evident: to remain in athens where his family lives.

Today (28/10/10) he is on the 20th day on hunger strike in critical condition in the hospital with Nikos Maziotis.

A war is going on inside the “walls”, in the attempt of the state to put the imprisoned fighters in a hostage regime with all means. The attempt of extermination of my partner “roams” around the outside of the “walls” as well by trying to put the family in a suffocating psychological shackle.
The pressure that Kostas receives towards the attitude he has kept is clearly vengeful.

The terrorism applied to comrades and relatives is also vengeful.
I will not apologize to anyone for my life and why I chose Kostas as my partner and father of our children.

I will not apologize for scenarios that have been made up about me.
For the authorities, possibly and based on, solely, our political family relations we could all be “members” of “R.S.”

let there be a full stop to the persecutions that come out of these relations.
Patience has its limits…

Maria Beraha


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