Announcement of the three members of Revolutionary Struggle (Greece)

In the modern junta of the I.M.F., the E.C.B., the E.U. and the Greek government, methods from the Nazi occupation in Greece are being mobilized. Just like when the Nazis attacked the families and the social environment of the guerrillas in order to isolate them and exterminate them easier, today the modern fascists that govern us target families, friends and comrades of ours and of the three comrades that are in prison accused of participating in “Revolutionary Struggle”, in an operation to terrorize a whole political movement, through new persecutions and mass interrogations.

The aim of our pursuers is revenge for the actions of “Revolutionary Struggle” and our political attitude from inside the prisons, our political isolation and that of our other three imprisoned comrades and the inactivity of the whole subversive movement through the imposition of a special hostage regime on a number of comrades.

It is of decisive importance the need to not let them terrorize fighters, do not allow the re-folding of the struggle for liberation. We should immediately go on the counter-attack. Anyway, the dominators are those who have been discredited politically and socially by the vast majority of the Greek society, while the fighters that fight for freedom, is the hope for the oppressed of this land, that are slowly dying under the yoke of modern totalitarianism of capitalism, market economy and representative democracy.

Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis, Kostas Gournas

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