Update on the Trial of Giannis Dimitrakis (Greece)

13/12/2010 The public prosecutor proposed that the defendant be found guilty for the bank robbery, which he has accepted, as well as the attempted homicide against the guard of the bank.

However he asked to change the criminal charge of criminal organisation Giannis Dimitrakis faces to the delinquency of “gang” since after his first trial acquittal for six of the seven robberies that he was initially accused of, the evidence of “continuous action” is “missing”. For this robbery Giannis Dimitrakis had been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The public prosecutor, however, proposes basically to decrease his sentence since he asks Dimitrakis be exempted for two more attempted homicides against the two cops for which he had been sentenced at the first trial. As for the injury of the police guard of the bank, the Public Prosecutor stresses that there is no homicide intention from the defendant but only his “mental subscription to the perpetrators”. “Maybe he did not shoot himself but the perpetrators left organised and together in a way that shows that they had decided together before-hand how to react to a potential obstacle”, he said.
The public prosecutor in order to justify his proposal characterized “contradictory and vague, the testimonies of the police officers”, while he stressed that “in the area they only found one bullet, a fact that shows that the defendant did not shoot continuously”. He asked though that the mitigatory points that he asks for are recognized.

Earlier in his plea Giannis mentioned: “My punishment is a field for fighting and conflict with authority”.

“The robbery was a representative solution for my ideological and existential problems. It is the answer to the question of how an anarchist goes on. In the dilemma if I shall remain a weak-minded spectator or an active citizen, I decided to participate. In the end we will win!!!!”

Dimitrakis called “comrades” the wanted anarchist Seisidis andTsironis, as well as the arrested members of Conspiracy Cells of Fire. He made a specific mention to Lambros Foundas that was killed in a clash with police officers in Dafni area of Athens and stressed that “in the Revolutionary Struggle case they criminalized human relations in a setting of American design similar to [what happened to] the 17 November group” and added: “it is a death [of Lambros] that has been justified by the regime with the phrase “terrorist that died when he avoided arrest”.

Giannis Dimitrakis ended the legal hearing with the words: “I was, I am, and I will be an anarchist. As long as I live and breathe the journey will continue”.

The trial will resume on the 23d of December when it is also expected the decision will be taken.



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