"My name's 'Go fuck yourself'": words for the judge after an attempted cop-killing (UK)

From mainstream media:

“A man charged with the attempted murder of two police officers was remanded in custody today after hurling abuse from the dock. Unemployed John Paul Onyenaychi, 30, is accused of stabbing Pc Paul Madden, 23, and Piotr Dolata, 27, a police community support officer (PCSO) on Wednesday (15/12/10). The two officers were injured at a bus stop in New Broadway in Ealing, west London. PCSO Dolata’s life was saved by a quick-thinking doctor who was passing by and was able to stem the bleeding. Onyenaychi, of east London, was also charged with attempting to cause grievous bodily harm against a second PCSO, Steven Constable. Surrounded in the dock by 10 police officers at Brent Magistrates’ Court, Onyenaychi refused to confirm his name, date of birth and address before launching into an expletive-filled tirade.

Shouting at District Judge Margot Coleman when asked for his full name, John Paul said: “My name’s ‘go fuck yourself’” …. When his solicitor Aneurin Brewer appeared in court, he continued: “You’re not my ******* solicitor. You’re not representing me.”

The hearing continued in Onyenaychi’s absence after District Judge Coleman ordered he be taken back to the cell, before telling Mr Brewer, ‘He was being extremely abusive and I’m not prepared to tolerate that behaviour in my courtroom.’

There was no application for bail and Onyenaychi was remanded on two counts of attempted murder and one count of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent. He will appear at the Old Bailey on March 25. PCSO Dolata was released from hospital after being treated for his injuries while Pc Madden remained in a ‘serious but stable condition’ after undergoing surgery. The officers, who were based in Ealing Borough, were checking bus fares when they were attacked at around 3pm on the busy shopping street.'”

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