Giannis Dimitrakis appeal trial update – Final sentence 12.5 years (Greece)


Today was announced the final sentence at the court of appeals for comrade Giannis Dimitrakis. The sentence after the fusions is 12,5 years of imprisonment (less than the 35 years he got at the first trial).

All together he was found guilty for the robbery in the National Bank on Solonos str, (7 years imprisonment), guilty for complicity in the attempted homicide of the guard of the bank (6 years imprisonment), guilty for participating in a gang (4 years imprisonment), guilty for using a gun (2 years imprisonment). Legal mitigations were not recognized but with the fusion of the sentences the final sentence is 12.5 years. The sentence he has to serve is 3/5, so Giannis Dimitrakis has to serve 7.5 years. He has already served almost 5 years.

The room was full of supporters, that burst out in slogans and clapping after the announcement of the decision. The presence of the cops was discreet without EKAM (Greek special forces) and masked cops like at previous trials. The speeches and points made by the defence lawyers were remarkable and they didn’t speak of a “victory”, of course, but for a “proportional sentence that corresponds the charges”.

The comrade was led again to prison with his fists raised and in the next days he is expected to be led to Domokos prison from the prisons of Koridallos where he was kept temporarily for the trial.


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