Police station, prison and district court attacked in Berlin at New Year (Germany)

1 January 2011

In the New Years evening at Pankow womens prison some unknown individuals visited and sprayed slogans, lit fireworks and broke several windows. Some hours later Policestation 31 on Brunnenstrasse was attacked with color, stones and incendiary materials. For this the following letter reached us: “Two years ago Police officer Reinhardt murdered Dennis J. Only by terror “Sicherheitsbehörden” can the capitalist system adhere to power. The citizens look for alternatives but are held by fear. But everywhere in Europe outbreaks of rage outbreak against the police institutions; in London, Rome and Athens recently conflicts escalated. We want to shorten this fuse by making clear: No national murder is forgotten! Therefore we attacked the citizens of Berlin Policestation 31 at New Year’s Eve. Policeforce will always kindle our resistance.” Autonomous Group

From mainstream media:

Jan 2, 2011 – Berlin – A group of suspected anarchists attacked a Berlin prison and a police station with fireworks, stones and paintbombs, police revealed Sunday – two days after the incidents.

Neighbours observed 15 to 20 men in ski masks attacking the Pankow women’s prison on Friday night, drawing graffiti on the front wall, exploding fireworks, kicking the main door and breaking a window.

Later on New Year’s Eve, eight masked men threw cobblestones, paint bombs and two petrol bombs at a police station in central Berlin. The flames were quickly extinguished by police officers. Fires were also set in nearby streets.

Police said they were checking a claim of responsibility on an anarchist website and assumed the attacks had a political motive.

Europe’s anarchist movement has become more militant in recent years. Bomb attacks on embassies in Rome in December were blamed on an Italian anarchist group, while letter bombs mailed to Berlin and other capitals earlier in the year were blamed on Greek anarchists.

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