Report from New Year's eve (Germany)

New year’s eve has been a busy one this year in several German towns – Here is a short report.

Under the motto „from Grünau to Moabit… Dynamic new year’s eve day against all forms of prison and a society of imprisonment and exclusion! Let’s open up the walls…“ several comrades have organised two public events in Berlin to show their hatred against a the prison society.

To give a wider expression to our critique, a rally to the detention center for immigrants was planned as well.

At 3pm about 100 people gathered in front of the detention center for immigrants, which lies in the extreme outskirts of town (in Grünau) and due to the high level of snow is very difficult to reach this days since the train system is working with several interruptions.

With music, chants, slogan, drums adn a good spirit which has not been put down by the heavy police presence the comrades broke for a while the isolation where refugees are forced everyday into.

The latter participated as they could during all the time of the rally by responding with shouts and waving hands and pieces of cloth from their windows.

After one and half hour the rally got called off.

At night, over 500 comrades moved on around the district of Moabit where Berlin’s pre-trial detention prison lies.
The demonstration takes place since more than 20 years and aims to break the monotomy of prison life for a few hours and show again our refusal of society based in punishment.

This year again was a moment also to wish freedom and solidarity for Thomas, a comrade sitting there since September because he has been accused of burning a car.

Chanting slogans like „freedom for everybody“ and „from Grünau to Moabit… Dynamite!“ (again, Grünau is where the detention center for immigrants is) the demonstration moved on exploding fireworks all the time, also passing the local courthouse.

The police was not too happy about that and tried often to intimidate the people by walking quite close and on at least one side of the demonstration.

Arrived at the final rally in front of the prison, fireworks have been massively exploded to salute the prisoners.

However this time there has not been as much reaction from inside as it has been during the previous years, the refugees have been definitely much louder but there could plenty of reasons concerning this silence.

Beside this, some actions undertaken from unknown individuals took place during the day as one could read on corporate medias and several website.

In the evening about 20 people paid a visit to the women prison and courthouse located in the district of Pankow.
Here their claim (from directactionde.ucrony.net):

„An unregistered demonstration took place in the evening against the women prison of Pankow, following a rally of about 80 people which took place today in the afternoon in Grünau in front of the detention center for immigrants. About 20 people moved around the prison and windows of it as also of the courthouse have been smashed. Slogans have been spraypainted on the walls, directed against the prison system and which asked freedom for the prisoners. All the action have been accompanied by the exploding of fireworks in order to send greetings for the new year’s eve over the walls.

For freedom, for revolt!
Towards a 2011 of struggle!“

Some of the spraypainted slogans as reported by the press: „for freedom“, „prisons to become hole in the ground“, „criminal is the system“, „revolt“.

Later in the night a police station located in the Brunnestr., district of Mitte, has been attacked with flares, stones, paintbombs and molotow cocktails by a group which called itself „autonomous groups“.
As the press reported, a barricade has been erected on the same street and set on fire, calpthrops have been left around which caused damages to two police cars which saw their tires get flat.

Their claim (also from directactionde) here:

„Two years ago the cop Reinhardt Rother murdered Dennis J. In Schönfließ.
The capitalist system manages to remain in power only through the terror of the „authorities responsible for security“.
The citizens will be prevented to search any alternatives through fear.
However everywhere in Europe it comes to explosions of rage against police authorities; only a while ago conflicts escalated in London, Rome and Athens.
We want to push such a sharpening through making clear: no state murder will remain forgotten!
Therefore we attacked the police station 31 in Berlin on the new year’s eve.
Police violence will always release our resistance.

Autonomous groups

Dennis J. was a young lad from the district of Neukölln which got murdered on new year’s eve of 2008 by the cops while he was on the run following some minors criminal charges. The main murderer has been sentenced to 2 years on probation this summer.

His murder sparked since two years several actions of any sort by comrades, his family and friends as from general angry people.

Protests have been organised in different German towns as well.

In Hamburg about 150 took the icy streets towards the prison of Holstenglacis where they held a rally and exploded fireworks to brighten the night of the prisoners.

About 200 people demonstrated to the local prison in Köln in solidarity with all prisoners.

A similar demonstration took place also in Stuttgart, where after an anti-capitalist night demo over 100 comrades exploded fireworks and shouted slogans at the prison of Stammheim.

In Nürnberg about 100 people rioted around the area of the prison, smashing shops and pulling up some barricades, the cops identified an high number of person around the area.

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