Message From Jock Palfreeman, anti-fascist prisoner (Bulgaria)

Jock Palfreeman, a 23 year old Australian with British connections, who spent some time in Bristol, UK, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison in Bulgaria on 2/12/09. He had been on remand at Sofia central prison for 2 years. In Sofia in late December 2007 he intervened when he saw a gang of 15+ Bulgarian football hooligans, with undoubted neo-nazi tendencies, attack 2 Roma (gypsy) people. The gang then attacked Jock with lumps of concrete, and in self-defence he killed one and injured another. The dead man came from a well-known Bulgarian family with political connections. 2 years later after a long eventful trial with many dubious practices and a clear political flavour, Jock was found guilty.

For 3 years my statement of self defence has not changed. And it doesn’t change now. The 3 years have been difficult, but the fact that the judges, prosecutors, private plaintiffs and myself know that I’m innocent brings some comfort.

The false accusers are scared of my case being publicized. Within Bulgaria they have done a very good job of censoring the facts of my case from the Bulgarian language public. In the past year nothing has been mentioned about my case in Bulgarian print nor in TV. In contrast to other languages.

The propaganda has been very good, with rumours that I stabbed people in the back, that contradict eye witnesses and the forensic report. Ironically the forensic report not only states that Andrei was stabbed face to face, but it also states that he was not stabbed with the knife I held. He was stabbed with a dagger, a type of knife I did not have.

Dr Monov is good friends with the ex minister of police who was minister at the time of my arrest and first trial. Which clearly explains the police changing their statements in 09, witnesses not being found and video evidence being deliberately “misplaced”.

All objective and neutral evidence in my case has supported my statement from the beginning. With only the statements of the gang conflicting, with not only my statement, but all if the evidence. It is more then evident that the Monov family have used their connections within the then governing Bulgarian Socialist Party to corrupt the judicial process.

If the appeal court is not corrupt, there is more then enough evidence to find that I acted in defence of a racial minority being assaulted due to the colour of their skin, then acting in defence of myself.

Any deviation from this ruling, is a display of corruption and disrespect for law, morals, society and justice.

I have been convicted of “attacking 15 men, without reason or provocation, because I don’t like society” this was based on ONLY the statements of the football hooligans, NOT forensic or objective evidence, and I am not only innocent of this conviction, it is ridiculous on it’s own, to suggest that a sane man can attack 15 trying to kill them all without reason, is absurd.

Defence is not a crime!

Thank you for all the acts of friendship, support and solidarity, shown by friends, family and those concerned with social justice. Your constant support has not only brought the injustice to public light, but reminded me why I went to the defence of the 2 boys in the first place. It is human nature to care for each other even in the face of overwhelming odds. To all those who show their disgust of racism and corruption, thank you. We must not loose hope, not only for my case, but in the broader struggle against racism.

Most of all, I wish to publically thank my dad Simon Palfreeman, who for over 3 years now has traveled to Bulgaria about 30 times to defend me in court. When they sentenced me to 20 years, he held me by the shoulder, I told him I was fine and didn’t need condolences, he told me, “it’s not for you, it’s for me”. Thank you dad for your continued support, I love you very much.

Jock Palfreeman

January 2011

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