Graffiti "Terrorists" arrested in Paris + From Sidi Bouzid to Bab-el-Oued (France, Tunisia, Algeria)

Anti-Terrorist detention of 3 people for Graffiti

On January 12th, three people have been arrested in Belleville, Paris. They are accused of graffiti in solidarity with the revolt in Maghreb. The slogans were: “Algérie – Tunisie / Insurrection”, “Vive l’anarchie”. First they were under arrest at the local police station, then the special anti-terrorist brigade of the well known ’36 Quai des Orfevres’ took the responsibility of the case, and has transferred them to their offices. Next Friday, they will be put in prison. One person has been released on January 19th, whereas the two others still wait for their trial inside. Though, she’s still under judicial control.

While in Tunisia and Algeria the people revolt, the French government reinforces security of the French territory, making an example of what the consequence of simple solidarity looks like.

But people don’t stop expressing their support and calling for concrete solidarity.

On January 18th the Call for the Walls Liberation Front has been published; not only to remind how important it is to show up in the streets and cover the white walls, but also to support our friends inside by continuing what they are accused of.

Decorate walls everywhere! Solidarity to Tunisian revolution!

After the arrests, other graffities appeared.In Montreuil, Bagnolet and Paris, on January 16th, one could read in the streets:



Dictatorship or Democratie, the Capital grows fat!



Looting rich people, is class struggle!



Dictatorship or Democratie, down with all states


Down with all authorities


In France as in Maghreb, murderous authorities


Let’s spread the revolt!

“La révolution c’est le renversement d’un régime, mais aussi le bouleversement des rapports sociaux.’”

Revolution is to topple a system, but also to disrupt the social relations

In Paris again, on January 17th, graffiti was left and a communique followed, expressing the excitement of the authors about the conscientious following work of police about their graffities.

“Alger-Tunis. Insurrection”

”Ni dictature. Ni démocratie. A bas tous les états”

“La répression et leurs politiciens n’arrêteront pas nos révoltes”.


Leaflet of solidarity with the Tunisian insurgents

Here the English translation of a leaflet published by some comrades in France (“Luttes autonomes” – “Autonomous struggles”). Original in French can be found here.

Since several weeks, proletarians in the Maghreb revolt against living conditions that become intolerable and against the terror policy of the State. They take to the street, clash with cops, assault all the buildings of the State, warehouses of goods, banks… they block roads and particularly in Algeria they clearly reject any oppositional and/or Islamic political control.

In their real practice these movements of struggle affirm themselves against the State, against private property. In this sense they are an admirable protest against the world of money, they are magnificent examples of struggle against all shapes of submissiveness, they are a foreshadowing of another world to come: the human community finally reconciled with itself and free of State, money, and classes.

Rebels and exploited of the world!
This struggle is ours. From the South to the North, from the East to the West its fundamental nature is everywhere the same. Workers, students, unemployed, youth, old people… all these categories dissolve in the heart of the struggle against this abject world to form only one class in struggle, with one central preoccupation: the destruction of the State.

The answer of the State is in two ways: on one hand governments brutally repress, on the other hand the political, union, religious oppositions (playing the martyrs) propose the democratic alternation: that the clique in power goes away. In one case as in another the purpose is the same: that the revolt stops and the domination goes on, whatever its political shape. However, whatever its shape (parliamentary system, one-party system, authoritative system…) the State always remains the State. Its existence implies that the rich remain rich, that the poor are always poorer, that they work and croak in silence.

Repression means many deaths, imprisonment, torture, brutality… It’s a feature of systems where the political, union, religious oppositions are absent or too weak to do their dirty work of hijacking, pacification of the struggles and hopes of a radically other world, which spring up in the struggle. It’s said that over there it’s the dictatorship whereas here we are in democracy, which means that nothing like this could happen to us. We would live in a finally pacified society, experiencing only some repressive excesses from time to time, some blunders attributable to people “having a problem” and not to the system.

It’s false: It’s first and foremost the strength of the revolt that pushes the State to slaughter thus and not a lack of rights.

It’s untrue: the fact that since the war of Indochina, most of the police in the world are trained by the French police is not mentioned. If the arm is another, the brain is “made in France”. As well as weapons, gases, truncheons, tanks sold every year for millions of Euros.

It’s an illusion: For the moment the State here doesn’t need to resort to open repression. Unions play well their role of Capital’s martinet: i.e. to pacify and ward off the proletarian anger in the tricks and traps of negotiation for obtaining some crumbs and pennies. Political parties exist to maintain illusions on the involvement of all to the power. But as soon as these flunkeys will be outflanked, rejected, unable to cope… and useless, the State here will use the same methods of open terror, it will trample on the illusory scraps of paper that are the rights.

Our responsibility here is to clearly distinguish ourselves from “our” State, to show that it’s a party to the present repression, and that it’s even ready to intervene if the repressive forces over there are prey to doubt. It already did during the revolt in Greece in 2008: the Greek State had appealed the Spanish and Italian States for a help of their police.

Our responsibility here is to take up the torch of the struggle that we have momentarily given up at the end of the autumn. We lost a battle; we came up against the intransigence of the State and the logic of Capital. All the more reason for reacting vigorously against the aggravation of our living conditions, to refuse to continue to thrown in the sponge.

Proletarians in the Maghreb need this class solidarity! And not shy humanist protests! Not whining moaning!

Autonomous Struggles Contact: luttesautonomes@yahoo.fr


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