Anti-Fascist prisoner Rinat Sultanov needs your support! (Russia)

Rinat Sultanov was arrested in St-Petersburg, Russia, 3rd of November, on the eve of yet another “Day of People’s Unity”, the most favourite Russian state holiday of the fascists, after a siege of an apartment of anti-fascists which lasted several hours. He is accused according to statute 111 of Russian criminal codex, “Grievous bodily harm, caused with an intent”, for a fight with local fascists, which took place in Autumn, 2008.

Rinat is born from the city of Labytnangi of the far-northern Siberia. A few years ago he moved to St. Petersburg, and immediately took active part to the local anti-fascist movement. He was involved in both setting up anti-fascist websites and street activities. He considers himself as an anarchist and RASH-skinhead (Red & Anarchist SkinHeads).

Currently Sultanov is remanded to Remand prison №4 of St. Petersburg. Right now, the support group does not need material help, however it is important to support Rinat with letters during the remand imprisonment!

You may write to:

Rinat Sultanov
FBU IZ-474
ul. Lebedeva d. 39
195009 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

(source: https://avtonom.org/en/node/14877)

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