Freedom for Silvia, Billy and Costa (Switzerland)

On February 24th there is a solidarity protest outside the Swiss Embassy, UK (16-18 Montagu Place, London W1H 2BQ at 5:00pm. Banners and flags will be provided).

On the 15th of April 2010 Silvia Guerini, Luca Bernasconi (called Billy) and Costantino Ragusa (called Costa) have been arrested nearby Zurich, in Switzerland. Their car was stopped and searched by the police that found explosives, gas bottles, incendiary devices and communiques signed ELF Switzerland. From the communique is clear the intention to attack the construction site of the new IBM research center of nanotechnologies in Ruschlikon, Zurich.

Since then are kept in three different prisons, under very strict restrictions, especially the censorship on the post that makes the communication very slow and limited at 3 letters a week. The investigation should come to an end in February 2011, but it isn’t known yet the date of the trial. The charges are not official yet but probably they will be: possession and transport of explosive materials and poisoning gas, attempted arson and attempted explosive attack.

Since Silvia and Costa are Italians and the three of them were very active in Italy, the Italian government opened an other investigation with the charges of 270bis, that’s the Italian anti-terrorist law.

The three vegan anarchists, have been part, since many years, in the animal liberation and earth liberation movements. Active also in the fight against Morini, breading farm for vivisection; AIP campaign against the fur industry; Coalizione contro le nocivitá, campaign against bio and nanotechnologies and nuclear power. They are also part of the editorial collective of an anti-civilization journal called Terra Selvaggia.

Even if they have been isolated, they managed to organize two coordinated hunger strikes, the first one from the 10th of September 2010 for maximum 10 days, the second one from the 6th of December to the 12th of December 2010, both with Marco Camenisch, green anarchist in prison in Switzerland since 2003.

May our solidarity break into the thick walls of their jails, may the solidarity actions multiply, may the struggle continue stronger than before.


Luca Bernasconi
Regionalgefängnis Thun
Allmendstr. 34
3600 Thun, Switzerland

Costantino Ragusa

Regionalgefängnis Bern
Genfergasse 22
3001 Bern, Switzerland

Silvia Guerini

Regionalgefängnis Biel
Spitalstrasse 20
2502 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Updates and more information here: www.silviabillycostaliberi.tk

Contact: silviacostabillyliberi(at)riseup.net

French and German updates on www.ch.indymedia.org

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