Stunning Like Marrasi in Flames (Italy)

This video clip is taken from ‘Detour’, an Italian-made film about the severe disturbances in Genoa, Italy, during the 2001 anti-G8 summit. The summit was marked by extreme pre-planned police brutality with a large number of detainees who were systematically abused and beaten. Some prisoners were made to grovel on the floor like dogs whilst guards simulated sex with them, some made to sing fascist songs and salute pictures of Mussolini. During the riots the Black Bloc attacked the administrative offices of Marrasi prison, attempting to burn down the section of the prison guards.

The overlaid narrative actually describes the liberation of Newgate prison, London, during the ‘Gordon Riots’ of 1780. The riots were the largest municipal insurrection in the 18th Century, in a time that saw several others across the world. It was “a motley crew, and of every colour”, The insurgent masses were working class, multi-racial, and fought for liberty against the slavery and confinement enforced by the rich. The insurrection had the aristocrats besieged and houses destroyed, the bosses and upper-classes armed themselves with military encampments and checkpoints. Parliament and the Bank of England was attacked. Newgate, the largest and most terrible dungeon, was liberated amid such fire and destruction that one spectator felt “as if not only the whole metropolis was burning, but all nations yielding to the final consummation of things.”

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